Why women not beauty ?

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Women tray get beauty by use many things , but women not have beauty in body and heart , If women not shower one month become very dirty , Menstruation ..............


CSU Coast Junior  CSU Gulf Coast
Beauty is in the eyes
Feb 4th 2019 07:53   
Earn online Magnate I Pro   Have 10 m to earn
yes ,but lie beauty .
Feb 4th 2019 09:05   
Ravi Dutt Sharma Committed   Digital Marketing
yes i agree with @CSU Coast. Beauty is in the eyes, Who's see is the person and heart beat increase for him/ her..
Feb 5th 2019 01:15   
Yukti Jain Innovator  Digital Marketing
Beauty is tempreroy but pure soul is permanent.
Feb 6th 2019 00:11   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
Beauty is in the eyes .....Set DXN Gempyuri

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Mar 31st 2019 08:18   
Buyers Reviews Advanced  Health & Fitness
Beauty is in the heart, eye's and soul.
Apr 1st 2019 01:40   
RedTulip Boutique Senior  Plus Size Dresses for Women
world is beautiful with Women because without women your environment like boring although women dirty or beauty.
Apr 8th 2019 02:55   
Pinq Story Innovator  Health care
Beauty is in the think and heart.
May 21st 2019 14:06   
Nitin Shukla Professional   SEO Analyst
bhai kya pta parlor jana bhul gyi ho
Jul 22nd 2019 08:55   
NEMMA S. Advanced  Secondary teacher
Beauty is in the eyes
Aug 10th 2019 20:40   
Minh Hoa Innovator  Kế toán viên
Tôi nghĩ k có lý do nào cấm cản phụ nữ làm đẹp cả. Quan trọng là chúng ta có tự làm đẹp cho mình đươc hay không?
Sep 4th 2019 05:00   
Tom Curan Professional  Blogger
Beauty is in the heart. Beauty is in the eyes.
Sep 24th 2019 02:07   
Digital Marketer 0001 Advanced  Expert in SEO, SMO
care is everything, beauty or ugly hardly matters
Oct 3rd 2019 03:46   
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