Who Will Win The Cricket World Cup 2019 ?

Asked by Fitness Benz, in Sports & Recreation

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Priya Raj Advanced  Networking marketing experts.
India, Aus , England, WI can win world cup.
Jun 1st 2019 06:34   
Tech Gup Advanced  Technology
India WI can win world cup
Jun 1st 2019 06:40   
Ripan Choudhary Committed   SEO Expert
I Guess it may be West India, India, England
Jun 1st 2019 06:48   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
Who Will Win The Cricket World Cup 2019 ? I think India
Jun 1st 2019 08:18   
Mark Shehadeh Innovator  Florida Certified General Contractor
I also think India will win
Jun 1st 2019 18:16   
Photo Portray Magnate III   Owner
ofcourse india will win
Jun 2nd 2019 01:21   
Seek Academy Advanced  Training Institute
I think Australia will win this world cup
Jun 3rd 2019 05:00   
Avishek M. Professional   StartUp Enthusiasm, SEM
India won the world cup again.
Jun 3rd 2019 05:02   
Zayn Bilzis Committed   Web Designer | Web Developer
Tough competition in World Cup 2019, Strong chances for England, India, Windies, and Australia.
Jun 3rd 2019 23:18   
Kaira Kapoor Professional  MBD Group
India will win surely
Jun 3rd 2019 23:50   
Astrologer Sai Ganesh Junior  Top Astrologer in New York- Sai Ganesh
This world cup India will win
Jun 3rd 2019 23:54   
Murtza Abbas Senior  Digital Marketing
Jun 4th 2019 00:51   
john smith Freshman  manager
I think India will win
Jun 4th 2019 01:49   
Shop De World Advanced  Limitless Online Shopping Experience
will you think
India ??
Jun 4th 2019 02:52   
Sierra Nevada Expeditions Advanced  Sierra Nevada Expeditions
I think India will win
Jun 4th 2019 03:55   
Vay tieu dung Kingbank Junior  Vay tiêu dùng
I also think India will win
Jun 4th 2019 06:48   
Tuneup Loops Freshman   Ringtones website
Pakistan will win the icc wc
Jun 4th 2019 07:05   
Dhrubo Mukherjee Junior  SEO Expert in Kolkata
Australia will win this time
Jun 4th 2019 13:42   
Csaba Juhasz Magnate II   Business Development Specialist
India won the world cup again.
Jun 5th 2019 01:16   
Elijahj Williams Advanced  Sr. Mobile App Developer in Acquaint SoftTech
It's very early to predict the winner of ICC World Cup, but according to the previous track record and recent form, three-team seems to reach closer to the cup.
1. India 2. England 3. Australia
India because of the most balanced team, Australia for their track record in World cup (5 times winner) and England because of Home condition.
Jun 10th 2019 08:18   
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