Which place in India you like most...?

Asked by anoop pt, in Technology


Liker L. Magnate I    ***
Kolkata my place where my love live in it
Mar 19th 2013 04:38   
Simon Desouza Advanced  Sr. SEO Executive
Nainital a Place of Lakes, Mountains, Adventure, Nature Walks, Beauty, Tranquility, Charm and Hospitality.
Nainital is One of the Most Charismatic Hill Stations.............and I love the most............
Mar 19th 2013 04:53   
Kshitij Bhanu Committed  Freelancer
No doubt it's one and only GOA !!!!
Awesoem beaches and delicious sea food. I would love to settle down in GOA
Mar 19th 2013 05:44   
Oswald Rodrigues Professional
Sorry to disappoint you, Kshitij, but Goa is fast becoming a place to GET AWAY FROM what with all the thoughtless overdevelopment and rampant urbanisation going on all around.
Mar 19th 2013 07:31    Edited in Mar 19th 2013 07:33
Juyee N. Senior  Administration Professional – Education/ Print Med
Kerala is the place I love the most in India!
Mar 19th 2013 09:58   
Max Malcher Committed  Web Developer
Delhi is most popular city in the India. I like so much this place, because I went to Delhi last year. It is awesome place.
Mar 22nd 2013 02:39   
anoop pt Innovator  SEO
Thnk u friends for ur valuable responses........
Mar 25th 2013 06:36   
Rizka Muldi Sofyan Committed   Internet Marketer
New Delhi most amazing city
Mar 28th 2013 13:30   
Surinder Singh Darvesh Magnate II  Editor, Translator, Blogger
East or West, HOME is the best.
Mar 29th 2013 01:40   
Joseph Marie Advanced  Iphone Accessories
New Delhi is the best place in the India.
Apr 1st 2013 05:33   
Kompass India Advanced  General Manager
For me, Mumbai is the best Place in India..
Apr 1st 2013 06:05   
jyothish Joshy Advanced  SEO
Kerala is the best Place in India.. ....
Apr 4th 2013 06:22   
Vicky kumar Advanced  Blogger
kerala and darjeeling is the best place for vactions in india
Apr 4th 2013 06:24   
Chandan Sharma Advanced  Tech_yuva
Different parts of uttarakhand like, Harsil, Aulli etc
Apr 6th 2013 00:12   
Jay Davis Committed  SEO Consultant
Kerala is best and most naturally gifted states in india
May 1st 2013 03:41   
jyothish Joshy Advanced  SEO
Kerala is best place to visit in India...
May 8th 2013 01:30   
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