Which is the best horror movie of 2019 that you want recommend to others?

Asked by Cross Flix, in Entertainment
Included Bollywood and Hollywood.

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Rishab Malik Innovator  Digital Marketer
Bollywood - Amavas
Hollywood - The Shining
Jan 6th 2020 00:14   
Akash Sharma Freshman  Akash Sharma
not 2019 but another 2-3 year old Indian movie 13B I recommend to others.
Jan 6th 2020 04:27   
Rishab Malik Innovator  Digital Marketer
one of my fav. movie 13B and phoonk 2 also
Jan 6th 2020 21:54   
Gaurav Bansal Senior  Company Registration Consultants in Delhi
IT its very scary. Its a hollywood movie released in 2019.
Jan 18th 2020 00:31   
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IT its very scary. Its a hollywood movie released in 2019.
Jan 21st 2020 00:50   
Pradeep J. Freshman  Pradeep J
Annabelle Comes Home
Jan 22nd 2020 03:29   
Delta Airlines Advanced  Delta Airline Reservation
IT its very scary Hollywood movie released in 2019.
Jan 31st 2020 05:21   
Daviesh Hamal Freshman  Content Writer
Doctor Sleep... I really loved this movie..It's one of the best and critically acclaimed horror movie.
Feb 10th 2020 22:42   
Vanya Luxury Innovator  Herbal Luxury Brand
Not 2019 but ojja, ring, lights out are the best horror movies. So far for me. Recommended to watch if anyone haven't.
Feb 27th 2020 02:01   
Hell Iptv Junior  IPTV Paid Subscription
May 25th 2020 03:40   
Nazar Kvartalnyi Freshman  COO at Inoxoft
I wish someone shoot a movie based on my nightmares once. Those of 2019 would have been fantastic thrillers.
May 26th 2020 15:42   
There are tons of horror movie i would like to recommend. For example, The NUN, Annebella return, etc.
May 29th 2020 00:02   
Bond Walker Innovator  i am a web developer
Conjuring is the best horror movie according to me in 2019
Jul 28th 2020 00:07   
Kudrat Kart Freshman  100% Pure & Natural Products
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Aug 24th 2020 06:29   
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