Which is better jeggings or jeans?

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mike riley Innovator  Professional Web Developer and SEO Expert
Jeans! Anyday, Anytime!

Jeans always gives you a classy, sassy and attractive look! Jeggins are in trend these days, yes I too like Jeggings but Jeans are classy, I believe! Class remains, trends go on….

Both looks well, have their own style. Always remember one thing, whatever you are wearing wear it in style and confidence! It is bound to look better… xoxo
Nov 3rd 2019 05:07   
Rashi S. Freshman  Blogger
leggins are better for comfort. Jeans are classy but less comfortable
Nov 4th 2019 04:02   
Rajesh M. Advanced   Internet Marketer
Leggings show body posture...
Jeans have both loose and tight ones.
Nov 5th 2019 01:46   
Paul Smith Advanced  Business Development Manager
Leggins are more comfortable compare to jeggins. Depends on top what should you wear if your top i long then wear leggings & short than wear jeggings.
Nov 5th 2019 02:46   
QuickBooks Tech Support Junior  Quickbooks Tech Support Number-1-833-228-2822
Jeggings are always better than jeans. An are flexible too
Nov 5th 2019 02:46   
Dave A. Advanced   OZ Professional Writer
Both are important at their point. Jeggins comfortable compare to Jeans. Even it cost less than jeans. But Jeans are all about ruff and tuff, you can use it for a longer period of time.
Its individual choice what they want.
Nov 5th 2019 04:36   
Sarika Verma Junior  wed desgining
jeans are always better than Jeggings.
Nov 5th 2019 06:09   
Alen Cooper Advanced  Buy Blazer, Coat, Jacket, Pant, Shirt for Men & Wo
jeans is better than jeggings
Nov 5th 2019 06:14   
JulyA willlson (USA) Innovator  Medicine Store
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Nov 5th 2019 06:28   
Mark Smith Innovator  Content Writer
jeans are more comfortable than jeggings..........
Nov 5th 2019 07:05   
Pioneer ava Innovator  Medical equipment, scourer equipmen
I like jeans, jeans are comfortable.
Nov 5th 2019 19:58   
Daniel Auman Advanced  SEO
jeans is better than jeggings
Nov 6th 2019 00:29   
Sandeep Yadav Senior  SEO Executive
Maybe Leggings is better in look & for Comfort
Nov 6th 2019 01:00   
Prashok Honde Senior  SEO Expert
I think Leggings is better in look & for Comfort
Nov 6th 2019 01:03   
Allikes Jerry Advanced  QuickBooks Support Phone Number
I think Leggings is better in look & for Comfort
Nov 6th 2019 01:13   
Maria Johnsonrose Senior   Product and Digital Marketer
jeans are more reliable than jeggings.
Nov 6th 2019 01:36   
Asphalting Au Junior  Asphalting Services Sydney
I would go for Jeans.
Nov 6th 2019 02:24   
Dharmendra Chahar Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
jeggings are something women wear on a daily basis. they are more comfortable than jeans as they are made up of soft cotton material. They give us an illusion of jeans but they are not. ... According to me, jeggings look better as they are body fit and can be worn with a loose top or tunic.
Nov 6th 2019 03:03   
Aspire World Innovator  Immigration Consultancy
I Suggest Leggings rather than Jeans
Nov 6th 2019 03:54   
Mills Firm PLLC Freshman  Mills Firm PLLC
jeans are more comfortable than jeggings....
Nov 6th 2019 05:07   
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