Which is best destination for Holiday- Bali or Dubai?

Asked by Avi Goyal, in Travel
I need help, I am planning to go for a holiday in June. I have two locations on my mind Bali or Dubai. Which one best kindly help me.


Tru Automotive Advanced  Specialty Services for Your Performance Off-Road V
Bali will be your choice, also you can consider Mauritius which is beautiful too
Apr 29th 2019 07:38   
Avi Goyal Advanced  Article Writer
Thanks, and what will be the budget for 4N package
Apr 29th 2019 07:43   
Olayinka Oyelami Professional   About Me
Depend on your budget....If you have a fat budget i would suggest Dubai for your next holiday destination.
Apr 29th 2019 13:45   
saggara o. Senior  saga
Following your budget there is many beautiful places to visit.
Apr 29th 2019 19:16   
Kaira Kapoor Professional  MBD Group
There are other good options too, depend on your budget. However, Dubai is better than Bali
Apr 30th 2019 02:02   
Roman S. Committed   Business Creativity Mentor
Bali is better destination for me.
Apr 30th 2019 02:30   
Amelia Jackson Innovator  Content Strategist
it depends on your choice.Bali is best, if you want to go nature lap. And dubai is perfect, if you are looking for buildings and technology
Apr 30th 2019 02:37   
Gaurav Bansal Advanced  Company Registration Consultants in Delhi
Thanks, and what will be the budget for 4N package
Apr 30th 2019 03:02   
Sarah Minhaz Senior  Digital Signature Solutions
bali is best destination for me
Apr 30th 2019 03:24   
Vải Thun Việt Phụng Innovator  Công Ty Vải Thun Việt Phụng
I think Dubai will be a great place for you
Apr 30th 2019 03:44   
Pankaj Sharma Magnate II   Digital Marketing Professional
My Vote for Bali............
Apr 30th 2019 05:42   
Ravindra A. Advanced  Immigration Consultant India - AANDC Immigration
Bali, Indonesia's favorite tourist destination.
Apr 30th 2019 06:30   
Forza Tyres Freshman  Auto Garage
Dubai is one of the beautiful destinations for Holiday.
Apr 30th 2019 07:00   
Liam Masson Innovator  Seo Consultant
Dubai is a very attractive place of All point of Views. We should visit this city
Apr 30th 2019 07:43   
Flight Tickett Junior  Website administrator
It depends upon what kind of holoday you are looking? Means Bali is for Sea and Beaches and Dubai is for Shopping, Adventures, Luxury
Apr 30th 2019 10:03   
Dwayne Johnson Advanced  Watch Wrestling Online
Dubai is best place for Holiday
May 1st 2019 01:20   
Insta Oman visa Committed  Apply Oman Visa Online |
dubai is the best place for holidays and vacations.
May 1st 2019 02:04   
Basil Staples Senior  Manager
Dubai is a wonderful place for a Holiday.
May 1st 2019 02:30   
Mr Peter Senior  Peter Smith
i prefer bali more than dubai ...
May 1st 2019 02:33   
JACOB TURNER Senior  SEO Analyst
I prefer Bali as my favorite holiday destination.
May 2nd 2019 00:34   
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