Which company's headphone is good, Please Suggest?

Asked by Pooja Maan, in Technology


Geoffrey Musera Senior  Author & Publisher / Article Writer
I do suggest Sonny Erickson as the best seller of quality head phones.
Apr 7th 2018 09:56   
Kim Jolly Freshman  Writer
Sony headphones have the good sound quality.
Apr 7th 2018 16:47   
Nicki Jenns Innovator  Solo Traveler
uboat under 500, best sound
Apr 7th 2018 18:13   
Sac Dep Phu Nu Freshman  Yves Rocher
Tai nghe Sonyez có chất lượng âm thanh tốt.
Apr 9th 2018 00:08   
Pooltile World Advanced  Pooltile
uboat and JBL is best.
Apr 9th 2018 01:49   
Blouinart Info Freshman  The Premier Global Online Destination for Art and
I think JBL is best among all.
Apr 9th 2018 02:59   
Ruef Associates Advanced  Bringing Great Companies and Great People Together
I do suggest jbl for best headphone and sound quality.
Apr 9th 2018 03:18   
Vicent N. Freshman   Think hard, do hard
I suggest Sony's headphone
Apr 9th 2018 03:48   
Uae Technician Advanced  Computer Services
Monster Headphone is good,
Apr 9th 2018 04:09   
Roshan Verma Junior  MBA Rendezvous
I do suggest Boat or JBL.
Apr 9th 2018 05:27   
Tushara Kidave Advanced  Project Manager @ Nethority Technologies
I would suggest JBL, It has the best sound quality
Apr 9th 2018 05:39   
Amit Tiwari Advanced  SEM/Digital Marketing Expert
You can buy Sony headphones
Apr 9th 2018 06:27   
Lara Johan Innovator  Real Estate Agent
Go for JBL or Boat Headphones. Best headphones...
Apr 9th 2018 07:08   
Photo Portray Magnate III   Owner
Yeah, Jbl is best headphone ever!
Apr 10th 2018 02:38   
Social Aurven Advanced  Shopping and Travelling
Bose or JBL is the best to specifications and price
Apr 10th 2018 03:08   
Sagy K. Advanced  Digital Marketing Manager
JBL and Skullscandy are best
Apr 10th 2018 03:27   
Pranjal Kaushiley Freshman  Content Writer
Philips, Creative, Sennheiser are the best quality for minimal prices.
If you can afford expensive ones then Bose is incredible.
Apr 10th 2018 05:42   
Sonia S. Freshman  Miss
JBL, UBOAT is best to purchase with best specifications and price
Apr 11th 2018 01:09   
TecMaestro IT Services Freshman  Website Design & Development and Digital Marketing
sony is best choice for headphone.
Apr 13th 2018 08:24   
Mary Linda Committed  Quicken Tech Services
I think Sony company headphone is good,
Apr 17th 2018 06:50   
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