What is cryptocurrency?

Asked by Meghna Sharmaa, in Society & News

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Bruce Bates Magnate II Premium   Cooperative marketing
According to the whitepaper of the original cryptocurrency, bitcoin, cryptocurrency is nothing more or less than digial cash.

However in 2012 the first altcoin was created which paved the way for ICO's and changed the way most people view cryptocurrency. So these days most people view it more as a digital stock than as digital cash.
Jul 24th 2019 23:05    Edited in Jul 25th 2019 01:05
Riya Steve Advanced  Marketing
It is a Digital or Virtual currency. It is a Medium of Cryptocurrency exchange .
Jul 7th 2020 05:48   
James Donald Freshman  BDE
Simple U can't see and feel its all about coding but its have value, that value is a cryptocurrency in other word virtual money
Apr 19th 2021 06:16   
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