What is a DMCA badge and how to use badge protection?

Asked by Jaydeep P., in Marketing
It’s a good idea. But we should be preventive about content thieves. One of the things that can protect your blog from being copied is adding a DMCA Badge to your blog.


Bruce F. Senior   Entrepreneur
The aim of DMCA is to protect the right of intellectual property online. You can add a Protection Badge to your blog to deter content thieves and protect your content.
Oct 9th 2019 10:35   
David Rom Freshman  online courses
It's a thefor content, protect your content form another.
Oct 11th 2019 07:21   
Aditya Sharma Senior   Help in the Organised Travel Within and Abroad Ind
DMCA badge helps to protect content theft and ensure content security from unauthorized access.
Oct 13th 2019 02:52   
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