What Digital Marketing Activity Necessary for Product Sale ?

Asked by Dhanu Singh, in Internet & eBusiness
Hi Friend, Write your opinion or answer so i can increase product sale by natural way.

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A digital-marketing plan shouldn’t be designed on its own and simply tacked on to the overall marketing and sales strategy; digital and traditional media planning should be fully integrated to reflect the integrated, multichannel nature of the “consumer decision journey” (Exhibit 1). Integration requires strong signaling from management teams—bold, visible moves that highlight digital marketing and sales as priorities for the organization. One such move might be to set ambitious spending targets. One CPG company has set its digital-spending target at 10 percent of the overall marketing and sales budget—well above its actual spending of approximately 2.5 percent. CPG companies can also pilot high-profile digital campaigns. In 2010, Pepsi opted not to air TV commercials during the Super Bowl, investing instead in an all-digital corporate-social-responsibility campaign called Pepsi Refresh. While the campaign did little to boost sales, it sent a strong signal to Pepsi’s marketing and sales teams about the importance of digital activities.
Feb 28th 2018 02:43   
Advertise Robot Freshman  SEO Services Los Angeles
Actually it depends on the product type. If you are selling a consumer based product then Google Ads and SEO are best fits. If you are selling a B2B products then you need a different approach.
Feb 28th 2018 02:43   
Moazzem H. Freshman  Digital Marketing & SEO Expert
Sell depends on your personal strategy. You can promote your product though video marketing, email marketing, social media outreach, blogging etc.
Feb 28th 2018 04:34   
Sara James Advanced  People Speaks We Do
Have must compulsory task to perform distal marketing- facebook campaign, YouTube, LinkedIn, video sharing, slide sharing
Feb 28th 2018 04:57   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
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Feb 28th 2018 06:11   
Rakesh Chopra Professional  Digital Marketer
You can use SEO, PPC, and Social media marketing for product sale.
Feb 28th 2018 10:08   
monika r. Advanced  Consultant
I usually use SEO and PPC services for my business.
Feb 28th 2018 19:58   
CRAIG B. Freshman  Sales Promotion
Stay active, be part of everything and offer products and prices that people want or can afford.

Using the tools monica and rakesh state are easy, common and have free options
Feb 28th 2018 20:16   
John Weber Innovator  Lawyer
Pay per click is necessary if you want instant sales. However if you can wait for months, then you can go for SEO.
Feb 28th 2018 23:44   
Samantha Simpson Innovator  Hi there, This is Samantha, A professional writer
PPC would be perfect, you will be introducing some budget for your site, and in return you will be able earn above breakeven, also if you use adsense you can generate some income from there too.
Mar 1st 2018 02:20   
Mike Ralph Advanced  NativeMedia | Asia's Leading Coupon Data Provider
It really matters on your product type and skills. if you're selling some customer-based products then you need to tell people about it more and more. Then, Digital marketing comes in a light for you. Google and the Facebook campaign could play a vital role in it.
Mar 1st 2018 02:59   
Dhiren Parmar Advanced  Magento Developer
If you have ecommerce store and want to increase your sale then first to do properly seo and then do ppc surely to improve your product sales
Mar 3rd 2018 01:19   
Vikash Rathore Freshman  Marketing Maneger
You can use SEO, PPC, and Social media marketing for product sale.
Mar 3rd 2018 04:04   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
There are systems that have already everything established, from plan to sales. You just need to use it.
Mar 4th 2018 15:31   
Your I.T. Guy Innovator  Computer Repairs Melbourne
Sell depends on your personal strategy. You can promote your product though video marketing, email marketing, social media outreach, blogging etc.
Mar 4th 2018 22:06   
Robert Jones Freshman  Software Testing Expert
Well digital marketing includes lot of stuff that could increase your business revenue. Some of them are SEO, PPC, SMM and so on.
Mar 5th 2018 05:05   
Mike S. Junior  When destiny speaks, she speaks to
I'm a big fan of SEO. On page is as easy as pie. The off page stuff can get pricey and time-consuming, but after you learn the ropes it's kind of fun.
Mar 5th 2018 10:40   
Marius Wlassak Magnate II   Business Media Consultant
Go and start with the nr.1 , all is self explaining # Good luck
Mar 8th 2018 14:58   
Riya Aggarwal Freshman  Daily10Jobs
It also depend on what type of product you are going to promote.
Mar 12th 2018 00:40   
Dan Carter Senior   Is there ever a perfect time?
It seems that the first step is to identify your ideal target audience that you can place your ads on the channels where they are hanging out.Social listen to others that are making updates to your Niche. Start your own Niche Group and invite people who are following top influencers that are actively making a post within that Group. You become an instant authority that they can come to for answers they want while you build traffic grow your list make sales all while giving your audience what they want without trying to sell anything.
Mar 16th 2018 00:30    Edited in Mar 16th 2018 00:38
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