What are the best SEO Techniques for 2020?

Asked by Jordan Smith, in Marketing
what are the best from Blogging, Business Listing or niche submissions,


Griff W. Freshman  Business Owner
- Create quality blogs (must be at least 1,500 - 2,500 words)
- Backlink to websites with high in authority and site relevancy
- Avoid keyword stuffing
- Build citations to increase trust ratings
Jan 22nd 2020 07:59   
Kapil Goel Advanced  Director
Use simple, and good quality of content with no keyword stuffing.
Always be aware of DA, PA and Spam Rate of the website.
Keep yourself update regarding Google Algorithm.
Jan 22nd 2020 08:31   
andromedical Committed  Andropenis┬« penis extender increases Penis Length
write an article in apsense and linkedin
Jan 22nd 2020 10:10   
R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Hello Jordan Smith,
I think blogging will always be good in any year, as long as people are engaging and sharing posts.
Jan 22nd 2020 10:30   
Beyond Eleven Magnate I   Fresh Money Making Ideas
Use SEO tools to find high DR, URL Rating backlink sources then start link building.
Jan 22nd 2020 12:20   
Nnamdi A. Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Engage professionals on this platform to do the job for you and receive all the rewards of excellent seo.
Jan 22nd 2020 13:31   
Tom Marcus Advanced  Technical Support ExecutIve
Ask Google for the best techniques for search engine optimization.
Jan 22nd 2020 14:58   
Dave Johnson Junior  Consultant
Long form content is better and trying to find high quality backlinks from sites in the same niche!
Jan 22nd 2020 21:34   
Rob Stephen Magnate I   getaprogrammer
Content is always a king for SEO. Quality work will be survived.
Jan 23rd 2020 00:05   
Moving Solutions Advanced  packers
Create quality blogs
Avoid keyword stuffing
Jan 23rd 2020 00:37   
Pankaj Sharma Magnate II   Digital Marketing Professional
Content marketing is always works.
Jan 23rd 2020 00:39   
Nishtha Garg Freshman  Promoter
focus on content and create google and high authority links, improve social media accounts and work on reviews
Jan 23rd 2020 01:06   
Sonia Mishra Innovator  Quest for Excellence
Guest Blogging, Link Building, HIGH Quality Content
Jan 23rd 2020 01:29   
Randy Cabe Advanced  Blogger
Write Long Blog Posts. ...
Use the Bucket Brigade Copywriting Technique. ...
Keep Updating Old Content. ...
Get Quality Backlinks. ...
Research Your Keywords Well. ...
Write RankBrain-Friendly Content.
Jan 23rd 2020 02:06   
Enson Juriya Advanced  Digital Marketing Agency
I think blogging will always be good in any year, as long as people are engaging and sharing posts.
Jan 23rd 2020 02:13   
Andrew James Advanced  Salesforce Bulk Object Field Creator
Content is the king, more focus on content writing like blog posting
Jan 23rd 2020 04:11   
Maryam Miahan Advanced  Mobile App Developer
- Create quality and Informative blogs with proper keyword stuffing ( 1% is recommended)
- Always create Back-link to websites with high DA and must be see site relevance
- Always be aware of DA, PA and Spam Rate of the website.
- Keep yourself updated with Google latest Algorithm.
Jan 23rd 2020 06:21   
Nisha Khanna Junior  Marriage Counsellor in Delhi
Just write quality content . Quality content attracts backlinks. Hence eliminate need of SEO
Jan 23rd 2020 08:51   
Jessica Pearl Innovator  VIP Asian Escorts London
Create unique and informative blog on trading topics...
Jan 23rd 2020 10:10   
Kristen G. Junior  Blogger
Create good quality backlinks like blogs, article and more focus in the guest post this is the best SEO Techniques for 2020 read more for
Jan 24th 2020 02:00    Edited in Jan 24th 2020 02:06
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