My Website link show in Japanese?

Asked by Nityanand Tripathi, in Education
When my site is searched for in Google, it shows the website in Japanese (see the second link in the screenshot below), however the entire website is in English and My Website Rank Down. How To Resove This Issue From Webmaster.


Vicky Kumar Committed  SEO Analyst
change language in google
Jul 19th 2019 04:21   
Maria Hayden Junior  Writer
it is not any ranking factor
Jul 19th 2019 04:57   
Pham Emily Advanced  Sức Khỏe Wiki
change language in google <html lang="ja">
Jul 19th 2019 05:20   
Nityanand Tripathi Professional   Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Actullay Some time Ago virous attac on my website thent its Show. So i Want to Resove From Google Webmaster please give Solution
Jul 19th 2019 05:32   
CouponCode Group Advanced  Today’s Top Coupon Codes & Promo Code Store Deals
Maybe your website is attacked by hacker or spammer so please contact your server person and look into this matter.
Jul 19th 2019 06:27   
Nityanand Tripathi Professional   Senior Digital Marketing Executive
I Resolve the Issue but Again show
Jul 19th 2019 08:16   
Leo Sola Innovator  Interesting News and Facts
Please check the domain history at first!
Jul 20th 2019 11:00   
Jhon Mickel Junior  Trainer
may be your site hacked
Jul 21st 2019 00:03   
Ziyyara Edutech Freshman  Online Tuition
Its is beacuse your website is being hacked...If you are using wordpress yoast seo plugin remove them, also remove trackball and ping ball permission
Jul 22nd 2019 07:48   
John Kevin Freshman  Digital Marketing Enthusiast
There are high chances of your site being hacked by some japanese hacker.
Check if your developer has used a nulled theme or plugin.
Jul 23rd 2019 04:00   
Seven View Junior  Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealership
You can use google to change the language or if you just want to see your link in any other language just visit website through google chrome.
Jul 23rd 2019 06:48   
Hoachat Saomai Advanced  Hóa Chất Sao Mai
change language in google <html lang="ja">
Jul 26th 2019 03:26   
Diệt Mối Tận Gốc Senior  Công ty diệt côn trùng
You can use google to change the language
Jul 26th 2019 03:40   
Phòng khám Thái Hà Advanced   Bác sĩ nam khoa
Maybe your website has been hacked
Aug 1st 2019 00:05   
Laxman Pujari Advanced  SEO Expert
Just delete the malicious ones.
Aug 1st 2019 13:14   
Jerry M. Junior  teacher
Your website has been hacked and you need to go into the site to remove the spam code! This is a mirroring technique. You need to find the code to delete and then submit through the webmaster to remove the junk url.
Aug 7th 2019 01:20   
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