Is really URL with variables no SEO friendly ?

Asked by Joaquin F., in Marketing
How much affects if you wrote just one index PHP or CGI and use variables in the URL compared if you use directories ? Of course if the keyword is same in the /?v=keyword and the /keyword ? My experience have been compare results in Google SERP for some keywords I did in both forms and got better result for variable instead directory or html file name.

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R.S Digital Solution Innovator  R.S Digital Solution
This types URL is not friendly
Jan 31st 2020 11:57   
Ravi Vaja Innovator  Digital Marketing
SEO friendly website is a perfect alternative to get more traffic. These sites are fully accessible. Moreover, it focuses on fulfilling the user preferences. But many of the web designers fail to understand the importance of SEO friendly websites. The possible reason for the same is the unawareness of fruitful practice. Many do not know how to make your website SEO friendly. These probable reasons serve as a restriction that enforces web developers to ignore search engines.
Dec 2nd 2020 06:29   
Alexander Smith Innovator  Digital Marketing
These type url's are not seo friendly, i think so
Dec 2nd 2020 10:15   
Trishant Jaiswal Junior  Digital marketer
Exactly, These types of URLs are not SEO friendly...
Dec 3rd 2020 01:07   
Joaquin Velazquez Innovator  Marketing
Friendly URLs are intended to be more readable for google, so a url like this: is better than one like whats-is-seo-
Mar 4th 2021 09:50   
Joaquin Velazquez Innovator  Marketing
I can't understand your question, but you mean if it affects to have a page with URL like this:

It really depends a lot on how you have structured your website, but for example many shopping cart pages work that way.
May 6th 2021 12:09   
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