Is lemon water and hones help in reducing weight? and how to exactly use it?

Asked by Vaishali Jain, in Health & Medical


Visa Consultant Advanced  Immigration Expert
Yes, It reduces Weight. If you take it on morning regularly.
May 13th 2019 04:04   
mustak shaikh Innovator  i am student
Drinking more water, including honey lemon water, may help you lose weight. Several studies have shown that increasing your water intake can increase your metabolism and cause you to feel fuller, both of which can help you shed pounds
May 13th 2019 05:16   
Green Bruuh Advanced  Want to develop your website similar to profession
Yes. It works. Use this combination in regular using.
May 13th 2019 22:50   
Kaira Kapoor Professional  MBD Group
Yes, it works. Drink every morning
May 14th 2019 01:17   
Photo Portray Magnate III   Owner
Yes, lemon water helps in reducing weight
May 14th 2019 02:54   
Namita Thakur Advanced  DIgital Marketer
Yes, it's really helpful.
May 14th 2019 03:20   
Perfect Skin fitness Junior  skin care
every day drink 2 ltr water
May 14th 2019 04:18   
Earl D. Haney Freshman  Social Media Marketing
Maybe, but it has worked for me.
May 15th 2019 02:03   
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May 15th 2019 02:21   
Supplements Book Advanced  Health
Drinking more water, including honey lemon water, may help you lose weight.
May 18th 2019 01:18    Edited in May 18th 2019 01:18
Alice Thomas Innovator  Writer
Yes it works, if you take daily in the morning.
May 22nd 2019 07:24   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
Yes it works, if you take it on morning regularly.
May 23rd 2019 03:42   
Vedanta Air Ambulance Advanced  Vedanta Air Ambulance Services
yes, it works but you have to do it every morning.
May 24th 2019 02:53   
Emma Smith Junior  allDayawake
yes, lemon water with honey help you lose body weight and fat. you have to take warm water with lemon and honey in the morning daily.
Jul 9th 2019 02:46   
Hifly ICU Ambulance Service Advanced  Hifly ICU Air & Train Ambulance Service
Yes, That will help faster and makes you healthy and fit.
Jul 23rd 2019 05:27   
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