Is it expensive to rent audio equipment?

Asked by David Changoshvili, in Others


eFactor Digital Magnate II   Web Developer
Not at all. Check this site for example:
Nov 30th 2019 16:27   
Filing Bazaar Junior  Get Online Legal Services
sometimes it is good to rent audio equipment but if you need for long time use then buy that permanently.
Dec 1st 2019 06:52   
Lakshya Rescue Freshman  Train Medical Transportation India
No, It's not good. Buy it if you need it.
Dec 1st 2019 09:45   
Continental Group International Junior  Continental Group International - I
It depends on what type of audio equipment you want to rent. For light audio setup it will cost low and for heavy setup it will cost high.
Dec 1st 2019 16:20   
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