IPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy 8?

Asked by Sourabh Aggarwal, in Technology
I am little bit confused which phone is batter iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy 8..?? Please share your review...


Doctor Cassama Freshman  educationsolutionscanada
iPhone 7 Plus is better then Samsung Galaxy 8
May 9th 2017 07:33   
Huynh Nguyen Innovator  1995
iPhone 7 Plus is better then Samsung Galaxy 8
May 9th 2017 08:46   
MKU I. Junior  Social Media Analyst
iPhone 7 Plus is better
May 9th 2017 08:55   
Lookup Fare Advanced  Cheap flights are always available on Lookupfare
iphone is a better choice
May 9th 2017 09:18   
Mike Walsh Freshman  power of money
i like Samsung cos i Did not use IPhone before and i thing samsung easy to use and have multiple apps for free
May 9th 2017 22:04    Edited in May 9th 2017 22:05
Ngan Kim Freshman  Angel
i like samsung galaxy 8 more than IP 7 plus
May 9th 2017 23:05   
Loukas Papathanasiou Magnate I  AffiliateMarketer
One of apps I use is only in Android. So I'd buy Samsung.
May 9th 2017 23:25   
Web Techno Experts Professional   Professional Website Design & Development Company
i like Iphone 7 plus more than samsung galaxy 8
May 10th 2017 02:28   
HDFC ERGO Freshman  HDFC ERGO General Insurance
obviously Iphone 7 is better.
May 10th 2017 03:13   
Phongthuy Mixi Freshman  phong thuy
iphone is a better choice
May 10th 2017 05:43   
Lareina Bronte Advanced   Media Expert
iPhone is a better choice.
May 10th 2017 05:56   
Nitin Kumar Senior  Digital Marketing
iphone is a best choice..
May 10th 2017 06:42   
Eight Shades Media Senior  Eight Shades Media
iPhone 7 Plus is good choice.
May 10th 2017 07:12   
Shruthi Seth Freshman  Ecommerce Developer
obviously, iphone 7 is the perfect choice
May 10th 2017 08:19   
JEEVA AROMAL Committed  e marketter
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May 10th 2017 12:03   
Stuart Spindlow Innovator  Windows 7 Migrations
Very Useful information sharing about Iphone-7 plus..
May 11th 2017 06:08   
Jesse Gamble Advanced  business
I have Samsung and my boyfriend Iphone. I think that Samsung is better.
May 11th 2017 08:02   
Devopstech Cloud Consulting Junior  Cloud consulting services
Iphone 7 is the good choice & camera clarity is awesome i like Iphone 7
May 11th 2017 08:14   
Kernel Data Recovery Committed  Data Recovery Softwares
There is no comparison between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy 8. iPhone 7 is much better then Samsung Galaxy 8 in any way.
May 12th 2017 08:55   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
Can't compare the 2

I believe the iPhone 8 will be better than Samsung 8
May 14th 2017 03:50   
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