If you known anyone Google has announce new update for SEO?

Asked by Ravi Dutt Sharma, in Education
Please anyone known about what is the latest update for seo related so please share with us here..


Jason Roy Junior  Help with assignment writing
Yes, BERT algorithm update
Dec 12th 2019 04:19   
Herbalife Sportler Stories Advanced  Herbalife Sportler Stories
BERT algorithm update
Dec 12th 2019 05:02   
Alina Beths Innovator  Degital Marketing Expert
Ys, BERT algorithm update
Dec 12th 2019 05:05   
Sửa máy tính Bình Thạnh Junior  Sửa máy tính quận bình thạnh
Yes, BERT algorithm update in 2019
Dec 13th 2019 00:00   
Pak Cheers Freshman  Best Photographers in Lahore
BERT will impact 1 in 10 of all search queries. This is the biggest change in search since Google released RankBrain.
Dec 13th 2019 00:13   
Gaurav Srivastava Professional  Digital Marketing Manager
Yes, BERT algorithm update in Oct 2019 (Google search in over 70 languages)
Dec 13th 2019 00:30   
Sahil Anand Junior  Nutritious Meal For Maximum Yield
Yes, BERT algorithm update
Dec 13th 2019 01:12   
Sophia Cruz Advanced  BUSINESS
I have read about recent Google Update named BERT launched to target more than 70 languages which directly give impact on Google searches.
Dec 13th 2019 01:17   
Lily K. Freshman  Marketing | Creative Director
Yes, it's an algorithm update BERT algorithm (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers). It causes a machine to comprehend what words in a sentence mean, however with every one of the subtleties of contexts.
Dec 13th 2019 01:31   
Duc huy Mobile Innovator  Hồ Chí Minh
yes, BERT algorithm update
Dec 13th 2019 02:38   
Pooja Chauhan Committed  Freelance Professional
yes BERT algorithm update
Dec 13th 2019 04:01   
Mitchell Wood Committed  Writer, Blogger, Copy Writing
BERT algorithm update in 2019
Dec 13th 2019 05:14   
Riverpark Nyc Junior  Best Restaurants In Midtown NYC
Latest Update 2019 "Bert Algorithm"
Dec 13th 2019 05:36   
Terry Ma Freshman  Manager
Looking forward to sharing, it should be very helpful.
Dec 13th 2019 05:38   
Shally Warner Freshman  Owner
As you know, we saw a huge amount of chatter around a big Google search ranking algorithm update starting November 7th and 8th through the weekend. There were mixed signals in that the chatter in the industry was very heavy but Google did not pre-announce it and the automated tracking tools didn't really pick up on the update.
Dec 13th 2019 08:23   
Nguyen Hong nhung Junior  Blogger
Il mio sito Web ha sviluppato attivamente contenuti utili, ma sto ancora perdendo le classifiche. Non avevo idea di quale problema avessi
Dec 13th 2019 20:53   
Aspire World Innovator  Immigration Consultancy
yes google has recently announced BERT update
Dec 14th 2019 01:08   
Dietary Cafe Freshman  Health Supports Products & Guide Reviews
Dec 14th 2019 02:40   
Harney Brayden Freshman  Digital Marketing Expert
Right Google BERT is the biggest update
Dec 14th 2019 04:34   
Space Ddesigns Junior  Top interior designers in delhi ncr
BERT algorithm update
Dec 14th 2019 05:29   
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