How to seo categories to the top?

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Gamer K. Junior  Gamer
Social Media Marketing is the best way.
Feb 21st 2021 21:52   
Delicious Slots Senior  Online Slot Sites
What follows are seven category page elements that improve rankings on highly competitive keywords

1. Start with Metadata
2. Make Headings Relevant
3. Include Text
4. Use Featured Content
5. Make Link Text Relevant
6. Emphasize Category Navigation
7. Header and Footer Links
Feb 21st 2021 22:45   
Jaidev Meghwal Freshman  Blogger
Offpage Submission
Backlinks Creat
On page Optimization
Social media Marketing
Feb 22nd 2021 02:12   
Rajkumar Vistar Senior  SELL BY PROPERTY OWNER
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Feb 22nd 2021 02:16   
James R. Junior  Writer
It's not that easy, I have seen people started for more than 5 years and still trying to get attention from Google, today SEO moved to systematic methods such as on page which becomes much complicated as days are passing.
Feb 22nd 2021 02:16   
Edmond Masjedi Advanced  entrepreneur
SEO: 7 Ways to Optimize Category Pages
Start with Metadata. Title tags and meta descriptions are the basic form of content optimization. ...
Make Headings Relevant. ...
Include Text. ...
Use Featured Content. ...
Make Link Text Relevant. ...
Emphasize Category Navigation. ...
Header and Footer Links.
Feb 22nd 2021 02:43   
Xpay Life Innovator  Online bill payment
On-page Optimization
Off-page Optimization
Keywords Research
Fresh content updation
site map creation
Robots.txt file creation etc..
Feb 23rd 2021 00:26   
Web Curator Advanced  Content Publishing
Search engine optimization has changed and the best way to get at the top of major webpages is to collaborate with websites that already have high rankings.
2 days 20 hours ago   
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