How do you deal with post wedding blues?

Asked by Deanne Jordan, in Relationships


Larry Chetan Committed  Business
i ll comment when i m going to get marry
Jul 9th 2019 06:57   
santosh kumar Advanced  SEO Executive
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Jul 9th 2019 07:54   
Auto HailCo Advanced  Auto Hail Repair Denver
The Postwedding Blues Are Actually a Thing—Here's How to Deal. If you find yourself feeling down after the wedding is over, we've got your back.
Jul 9th 2019 07:58   
Dai Binh An Advanced  Đại Bình An
The Postwedding Blues Are Actually a Thing—Here's How to Deal.
Jul 14th 2019 21:16   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Post wedding blues is just folks coming down off an emotional high and time cures all
Jul 18th 2019 05:10   
Shahiba K. Freshman  Free Lancer
I don't have the experience to comment on this.
Jul 18th 2019 07:28   
james smith Freshman  USA Support
i don't have any idea this post
Jul 18th 2019 08:20   
Selina L. Freshman   Sleepwear Queen
post wedding blues means you feel depressed after marriage? Where comes such strange emotions.
Jul 21st 2019 05:23   
Lisa E. Committed   Affiliate Marketer/Freelancer
To deal with the post wedding blues. First ask yourself why you feel blue in the first place. When you get married. It is supposed to be the best thing ever happened to you. So to feel blue right after the wedding says you had some kind of pre-existing issue that was not resolved. I hope you feel better about things.
Jul 25th 2019 11:35   
Daviid K. Advanced  writer
this is very nice thanks for posting
Jul 30th 2019 10:28   
Jordan Ava Freshman  Jordan Ava
To deal with the post wedding blues.
Aug 14th 2019 22:05   
Dave Davin Magnate II  Web Designer
Yes my skin turned blue as well.
Aug 29th 2019 12:54   
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