How can I make a good unlimited dofollow backlinks for website?

Asked by Nguyen Khuong, in Relationships
Hi there! I am wondering that How can I make more unlimited do-follow backlinks for a website with high PR? Can someone give me advice and some address sites in order to get it? Thank you all!

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Danny Watson Innovator  Editor
You can use ahref tool or semrush toll for getting the dofollow link
Jan 22nd 2018 03:33   
Adrina Martinez Senior  Personal Loan Lender
you can use a href tools and check links nofollow and dofollow
Jan 22nd 2018 04:49   
Steve Smith Advanced   Project Manager at PageRanksolution
These are the Paid Tool. Is there any other way to find dofollow backlinks?
Jan 22nd 2018 05:51   
Rajiv Kumar Advanced  Testing Engineer
Use all method paid and unpaid. Back linking is the slowest process like as “Slow and steady wins the race”. So do back links on more site.
Jan 22nd 2018 07:13   
Enterslice ITES Pvt. Ltd. Committed   Start and Manage Business
You can use ahref tool or Semrush tool or SEOprofiler tool for getting the dofollow link.
Jan 23rd 2018 00:04   
Nguyen Khuong Advanced   Gạch bê tông nhẹ - Gạch siêu nhẹ
hi guys, I have used ahrefs pro version. So I only know to find do-follow backlinks from others and then from them, I have made as accordingly. Could you tell me another method to find do-follow backlinks by ahrefs?
Jan 23rd 2018 00:47   
Silky Rani Advanced  Marketing Executive
Best option is to search on Google and webmaster forums. There you will get do follow links.
Jan 23rd 2018 00:47   
Chris Corpolongo Junior  Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems
You can use some paid tools like similarweb, afref, semrush and more, to know about dofollow links
Jan 24th 2018 10:36   
Tracy Carter Professional   Affiliate Marketer Home Business
I think if you have a lot of social media networks with your websites submitted and you have social media buttons and do some good keywords you'll get lots of backlinks everytime you share your website
Aug 27th 2018 17:26   
Nicole S. Freshman  Blogger
guest posting get to your site do-follow links
Nov 6th 2018 04:41   
Faizan Butt Junior  General Updates
post web 2.0 articles for quality backlinks
Nov 29th 2018 01:31   
Lewis J. Junior  Digital Marketing Executive
use ahref tool or semrush toll for getting the dofollow link
Jan 2nd 2019 03:43   
Geoffreys Diamonds Innovator  Designer Jewelry & Diamond Rings
Do a good SEO on website and submit your website URL to the websites which will give you a do-follow back link
Jun 25th 2019 04:38   
Boyan Minchev Senior  Travel Blogger
Go to: news ycombinator com and submit Your links, but don't spam and read carefully before posting.
Aug 8th 2019 01:39   
Zayn Bilzis Committed   Web Designer | Web Developer
I have just read one popular article about backlink building in 2019. This will surely help you to do quality work. Article link -
Aug 14th 2019 00:39   
Titus Livingston Freshman  Sales Manager
You can utilize the service of to get more do-follow backlinks.
Oct 2nd 2019 10:09   
United Airlines- Reservations Online Advanced  United Airlines Cheap Tickets | 43% Off Flight Tic
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Dec 9th 2019 01:14   
Pinky S. Senior  Good Morning Quotes
Try out Frase Content Marketing SEO Tool.
Jul 10th 2020 23:32   
Samantha Higgins Freshman  Professional Writer
I use guest posting to get do follow backlinks. But it is a slow process and not all sites will post blogs for free.
Aug 6th 2020 12:06   
Avijit S. Advanced  SEO Specialist, Content Writer
The best way to get Do-follow backlinks is to post good article and blogs on blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and Wix etc. Just find Web 2.0 sites on Google. You will get huge list of websites where you can post your website's link, easily.
Oct 28th 2020 01:40   
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