How Can be Improve Our skills during COVID 19.?

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R. Weatherly Magnate I   Business Professional
Hello Pooja Sharma
While you are at home being safe, would be a good time to start reading more about the areas you need to improve on.
May 23rd 2020 08:54   
Guillermo V. Professional   Musician
How Can be Improve Our skills during COVID 19.? Yuo can study, read, see the news
May 23rd 2020 09:45   
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Learning during COVID-19: Academic Support and Learning ...
2 days 9 hours ago   
Kiran Bala Junior  Surat Escorts
Stay home be safe .............
1 day 22 hours ago   
Aditya Sharma Senior   Help in the Organised Travel Within and Abroad Ind
By learning a new skill and update current skill
22 hours ago   
Rahul Khatri Junior  Fashion Blogger
social distancing, washing hand freaqently
7 hours ago   
Nityanand Tripathi Professional   Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Despite all the challenges faced in the COVID-19 era—potential health crises, distressing news reports of loss and despair, being sequestered in your house, no opportunities for real-world water cooler chats—there is a copper lining to this pandemic (COVID-19 can’t survive on copper surfaces). You likely have a little more discretionary time right now—you save on commuting if you’re WFH, and many work-related events are being canceled or postponed. When you make a plan to use that time wisely now, you’ll blast your career upward and be ready for a relaunch when things go back to normal—the new normal.
6 hours ago   
Maria Smith Advanced  Best Martking and Technical Information
Be safe and also motivate and teach to other to be safe
6 hours ago   
Course After12th Junior  All professional or IT Courses
Hi Pooja,
Stay Home and Stay safe. At this time you can improve your skills to read book, watch youtube video what you want learn.
2 hours ago   
Pankaj Singh Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
You just improve skills by learning more, which you have an interest in.
2 hours ago   
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