Do you own a tablet, is it android, is it ipad, is it windows?

Asked by Bruce Bates, in Technology
If you don't own one that is of course fine also, just trying to find what the majority use... not based on some stat from some company :)


Stacie Walker Senior   Inspiring & Educating You
I use an IPad just about as much as I do my laptop. I LOVE my IPad because I can continue to work while running my errands. I can record a quick podcast for my followers, browse online, watch videos, listen to audios, etc.

It's attached to my hip:)
Mar 24th 2013 16:57   
Elena Ottonello Advanced   Holistic Healer
I have 2 tablets, one is chinese and one is Archos, they are both good but honestly I use them only while doing short trips, for longer business travels I prefer to use my netbook.. I like to do many things at the same time, for example checking emails and watching a movie all together and you can't do it nicely with a tablet...
Mar 25th 2013 03:17   
Jim Harkanson Advanced  awesome guy
i have an android tablet and while i like it, i haven't figured out a use for it -- i use my laptop all the time.
Mar 25th 2013 07:37   
Christopher Brian F. Advanced  Internet Marketer, Freelancer
I would prefer an Ipad. It's comfortable to use and apple has a great track record for quality.
Mar 25th 2013 15:29   
Bruce Bates Magnate II   Cooperative marketing
So far we have 1 ipod user and 2 android users....

And I am not sure with christopher as he says he WOULD prefer implying he doesn't own one at all?
Mar 25th 2013 18:19   
Robert Coaster Committed   Independent Business Owner
I used to have an Android but it broke now using an IPad which I like better.
Mar 25th 2013 19:12   
Christopher Brian F. Advanced  Internet Marketer, Freelancer
I use an Ipad since we have one here in our house. But I mainly use my laptop/computer. ;)
Mar 27th 2013 07:29   
Lawa Raj Timsina Senior   Web Developer
Yeah... I use Ipad.......n Its so user friendly.....
Apr 11th 2013 03:30   
Ben Che Advanced  Business Owner
I dont like a tablet, an android phone is enough.
Apr 15th 2014 12:59   
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