Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Asked by Peter John, in Spirituality
You would expect me, being the author of a paranormal comedy, to be a great believer in ghosts but you would be wrong in that assumption. You would then presume that I have never seen a ghost and again you would be mistaken, confused yet? I consider myself to be a hopeful skeptic; hopeful because I would really like to be able to break free of my own cynicism and a skeptic because no matter how hard I try, I can’t. Even after seeing things that I can’t explain myself, I fail to convert myself into a believer on the basis that just because I can’t prove it false doesn't mean it’s true. I regret this standpoint entirely, I see all the benefits in believing in something as strongly as some people believe in the existence of ghosts and other forms of supernatural beings but I don’t seem capable of stepping over that final hurdle of doubt.

Best Answer

Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Yes, I believe in ghosts, the Holy Ghost!
Mar 30th 2015 10:48 


Phil Smith Freshman  Serial Entrepreneur
No, I don't. At least not yet. I just haven't experienced a Ghostly situation . . . yet?
Mar 30th 2015 10:32   
Nnamdi Agha Magnate II   Internet Marketer
Yes, I believe in ghosts, the Holy Ghost!
Mar 30th 2015 10:48   
Cynthia Monroe Advanced  Be good to yourself, and others!
Lets say this, I have never seen one but keep an open mind!
Mar 30th 2015 12:04   
Guillermo V. Committed   Musician
No I do not belive in Ghosts
Mar 30th 2015 12:32   
Sigurjón G. Advanced   Smiður
no i do not belive in ghosts
Mar 30th 2015 13:05   
Dorcel Hart Advanced  Marketer
No. I never Believe Ghosts. It is not real thing.
Mar 30th 2015 21:38   
Cheryl Bousquet Advanced   Entrepreneur
I surely do believe ... To many real life experiences to say otherwise
Mar 30th 2015 21:47   
Sarah Tan Professional  Sales Manager
No, I do not believe in ghosts
Mar 31st 2015 02:14   
Lut Bahar Freshman  Editor
If you believe in God, then you must believe in ghosts, cause when there is a good there always be a bad., just like two sides of one coin.
Mar 31st 2015 03:31   
Angela Tempest Freshman  Freelance Writer
I believe in the possibility of ghosts but that the human mind can also trick people into misunderstanding what they are seeing. I have seen odd things and read and written enough to think there is more to the story however than just confusion and wishful thinking.
Mar 31st 2015 08:12   
Easy Tours of India Professional  Luxury Tours and Travel in India
I never seen ghosts. Therefore I don't believe in ghosts.
Mar 31st 2015 08:19   
Raine Carosin Advanced  ARTIST
Yes, I do... Jesus appeared to his Disciples... and i have my fair share of stories and sightings... Mostly good... :-}
Mar 31st 2015 11:49   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Consistency Marketing, Videos
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Apr 1st 2015 06:52   
Peter John Innovator  Author
Thank you for your comments. There is a great variety of opinions. Which is true? We may never know.
Apr 1st 2015 07:17   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
I did Philippe....
Peter.... I am wondering how you were able to write a paranormal comedy. You must have a very good imagination if your able to write about something that you rally don't believe in.
Where can we find what you have written? IF you have not yet done so.. you might want to think about writing an article about it with a link to it.....I would like to see what you have written.
Apr 1st 2015 12:34   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon I Premium Native speaking English teacher
I saw it Philippe and i reported it also ;-)
Apr 1st 2015 12:38   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Panda Power strikes .... Thanks!
Apr 1st 2015 13:37   
Calogero F. Innovator  Free launcher
I do not believe in Ghosts, but I have to admit that some things happened in our life really cannot and will not ever be explained rationally...
Apr 2nd 2015 00:23   
Jennifer Bearden Advanced  Financial Affairs Manager
Yes. I do believe in such thinks.
Apr 5th 2015 02:52   
Joseph T. Morey Advanced  Industrial Manager
I don't think such think exists
Apr 5th 2015 02:56   
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