Can "Do Follow Links" decrease Our Website Ranking.?

Asked by Ripan Choudhary, in Internet & eBusiness
is it possible Do follow links can decrease our Ranking. while working in project it happening with me. or it's mandatory to don't provide the do follow link to another website. can any one explain me, what i do in this situation.


Sheri Francis Advanced   SEO Expert
No, Do follow link is always increase our website ranking. I know do follow link take time. Please change your thought and read SEO related blog.
Dec 31st 2018 01:04   
Rodo Mailio Freshman  Its All About Something Great
No! This Concept is totally wrong. But if you are getting links from such domain which are dangerous like porn sites, then yes you will loose your all ranking. Always learn the lastest and technical ways to build links. Dont go for Free Ways!
Dec 31st 2018 01:52   
Ahmad Quershi Freshman  Ahmad Quershi
Yes Rodo Mailio Is Right you need to learn seo first
Dec 31st 2018 01:55   
Mobiloitte Tech Advanced  Digital Marketing Manager
NO, You are misinterpreted Do follow link always Increase your website rank
Dec 31st 2018 03:55   
Elina Roy Freshman  Tally Customization Expert
No dofollow Link never increase website rank
Dec 31st 2018 05:40   
MATH TUTOR Freshman  Math Teacher
No dofollow link will not decrease your seo Ranking It always Increases but if you make 100 percent dofollow then it may be so make at least 1 percent no follow link
Dec 31st 2018 05:42   
Sourabh Aggarwal Magnate II   SEO Manager
No... Dofollow or Nofollow both links did not decrease the ranking of the website...
Dec 31st 2018 07:41   
Pradeep Kumar Senior   Senior in Digital Marketing
bull shit question bull shit answer
what the fuck discussion
Do follow links always increase your Search engine rankings
if you doesn't know then ask personally don't put public discussion like this
Dec 31st 2018 08:03   
Ajay G. Junior  Powermax Fitness India Pvt Ltd
Google loves do follow links. Do follow is ranking friendly.
Dec 31st 2018 12:29   
Pixyrs Softech Junior  Software Development Company
This is not correct that nofollow links decrease websites ranking it increase your websites ranking but less effective then dofollow links
Jan 1st 2019 01:44   
Robort Bradley Advanced  Contributor
If you have only dofollow links then it may happen. You have to balance it with nofollow links. The perfect combination of both types of link increase your website rank.
Jan 1st 2019 03:31   
Rob Stephen Professional  getaprogrammer
Every link is important may be its dofollow or nofollow.
Jan 2nd 2019 00:09   
Shariq Saifi Innovator  Educational Counsultant
making the higher backlinks to get do follow from other websites can down your website ranking. because making more unnecessarily back-link may be count as a spam!
So Be careful.
Jan 2nd 2019 01:08   
Linda Martin Advanced  Certified QuickBooks Expert
No. In fact, Without Do follow links your website will never rank.
Jan 2nd 2019 01:31   
Billy Mark Senior  Online Blogger
No. In fact, Without Do follow links your website will never rank.
Jan 2nd 2019 01:47   
Milagrobeauty in Committed  Beauty and Skincare consultant
no, do follow back links always help to improve website ranking in search engines. But as per Google's guidelines you should have natural links.
Jan 2nd 2019 01:58   
Inesh Enterprises Junior  Professional Web Designing and Development
No, it always helps to increase ranking
Jan 2nd 2019 02:04   
Richa Verma Advanced  Content Writer
Do follow links are important for Google rankings. Its the No follow links that you should worry about.
Jan 2nd 2019 04:10   
Krishna Mondal Advanced  Digital Marketing Executive
Do follow links is one kind of hyperlink. It allows google boat to follow the specific links and reach our website. It gives us a link juice. Do follow links always help us to increase website ranking.
Jan 2nd 2019 04:47   
Vidit Agarwal Advanced  NOMISMA - Excellent Small Business Accounting Soft
No, dofollow Link never increase website rank
Jan 2nd 2019 08:20   
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