Can Anyone Tell Me The New SEO Strategy?

Asked by Navya gajjar, in Marketing
Any Guess?


Sam Billings Freshman  Hi! I am Sam.I am a education consultant.
you can work on Guest Posting.Its a effective SEO strategy now days.
Oct 4th 2018 08:36   
Nguyễn Đức Freshman  skmobile
tôi cũng không rõ!
Oct 4th 2018 09:02   
Perkin Steel Advanced  Perkin Knives
pay to bloggers and get a referring domain having good DA.
Oct 4th 2018 09:03   
Kambing Etawa Freshman  Grosir Susu Bubuk Etawa Asli
make articles and pictures
Oct 4th 2018 10:47   
Hoang Leo Advanced  SEO Marketing
i dont know anymore,9/27/2018 google updated and still happen today
Oct 5th 2018 00:13   
Vyapi Digital Media Advanced Pro Company
Nowadays there is the best option to grow your traffic and ranking is to post guest posting option on the websites
Oct 5th 2018 00:13   
Leena Legants Innovator  CEO
Content is king. Make quality backlinks....
Oct 5th 2018 00:42   
smith wetson Freshman  advertising
Search Engine Optimization is one of the techniques used to improve traffic to a website by obtaining a high-rank placement in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. SEO has two techniques to improve website position in SERP called ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO:
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Oct 5th 2018 04:50   
Roy Miller Freshman  Troubleshooting Tips
Make quality backlinks from high DA and Low spam score sites.
Oct 5th 2018 05:34   
Jenna Coleman Advanced  IT Head
Create Google AMP for all your website pages, Always use fresh contents for your websites, blogs or articles, make your website mobile compatible & get quality backlinks from dofollow sites with high PA & DA.
Oct 5th 2018 06:01   
Dwayne Buzzell Innovator  Forex
I suggest to read blog.
Oct 5th 2018 06:58   
Bhawna Aggarwal Advanced  blogger
Content should be unique and word count would be higher than your competitor
Oct 6th 2018 01:37   
Cosmic Profits Freshman  Sales consultant
You can learn about this new strategy at wealthy affiliate dot com
Oct 6th 2018 01:51   
Sourabh Kumar Professional   Article Promoter
Content curation, audio submission, short story ....
Oct 6th 2018 07:02   
Andrew Simon Senior  Logo Design Company Services
1. Improve engagement to improve rankings
2. Make your existing pages longer
3. Focus on YouTube SEO
4. Improve site speed
5. Focus on topics instead of keywords
6. Build backlinks
7. Reporting and analytics
8. Technical optimization
9. Local SEO and Listings
10. Guest posting
Oct 8th 2018 05:33   
Jemma Barsby Advanced  Content Writer
Forum Posting
Article Submission
Guest Posting
Oct 9th 2018 08:27   
Perkin Steel Advanced  Perkin Knives
Do research on your competitor, check your existing backlinks, update your posts. Target long tail keywords and most important, think like a service seeker what term he use or can use to search a service or product.
Oct 9th 2018 08:50   
sla consultants india Innovator  SLA Consultants India - Training Center Delhi
Creative Content, UI/UX and Valuable backlinks ! ! it's always going on in SEO! !
Oct 11th 2018 04:22   
Neha Magnate II   Affiliate Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO
Make quality backlinks from high DA sites
Oct 21st 2018 10:50   
Milagrobeauty in Senior  Beauty and Skincare consultant
There are 2 parts of SEO - On page and Off page SEO.
Each has a lot o fthings to do for improving ranking in seach engines. some of them are given below

On page activities
1.Improve site speed
2.Reporting and analytics
3.Technical optimization
4.Focus on topics instead of keywords
5.Make your existing pages longer

Off page activies

1. Guest posting
2. web 2.0 link building
3. blogging
4. Social Bookmarking
5.Focus on YouTube SEO
6.Local SEO and Listings
Oct 22nd 2018 01:33   
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