Can anyone tell how SESSION count is calculated in Google Analytics?

Asked by Priyanshu Sharma, in Education

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ronald splat Innovator  Learn to code for free is our slogan.
the total amount of time of all sessions during a given period divided by the total number of sessions during that same time
Jul 16th 2021 00:49   
John Smith Innovator  Top Trending news
Sessions in Google Analytics tell you everything you need to know when a ... performs in the time of a website visit is counted as a single session.
Jul 16th 2021 01:00   
Jack S. Advanced  Packaging Consultant iCustomBoxes
Each time a user initiates a session, a session counter increments for that user. For example, if User A comes to your site for the first time in January, that user's session count is 1. If the user returns in February, the session count is 2, and so on for each subsequent return.
Jul 16th 2021 01:22   
Sheena Sharma Advanced  Financial Advisor to help you find the best soluti
The total number of session is how much time user stay on a single page. User can increase or decrease session time.
Jul 16th 2021 01:58   
Rohit Bhaskar Freshman  Event Planner
How much time a single user stay on your website. If a user land on your website and spend some time on your website and navigate through your website pages, in this condition user count will be one but sessions count will be more than one.
Jul 16th 2021 05:04   
Branded Canopy Tents Advanced  Best Custom Canopy Tents & Pop Up Tents in USA
The total number of session is how much time user stay on a single page.
Jul 17th 2021 01:42   
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