Can Anyone Explain About APSense Badges?

Asked by Bidyadhar Bindhani, in Internet & eBusiness
I Have 200+ Downline


Amit Malviya Advanced  Digital Marketing Expert
Verified Member - Made any payment on APSense by PayPal or Payza
Loyal Member - Been a member of APSense for at least 2 years
Trusted Member - At least 2,000 Honor Points
Top Member - At least 15,000 Honor Points
APSense Advisor - Assigned by APSense
APSense Star - At least 50 recommendations
APSense Talent - At least 50 orders
APSense Sponsor - At least spent $500 at APSense
Network Leader - At least 2,000 downline
Super Marketer - At least 200 downline in first level
Proactive Member - Completed at least 50 daily missions

Honor points are simply an indicator of your activity on the site. The More honor points you have the more activity you have had on the site.

As you gain honor points you move up member levels.
Aug 13th 2019 03:32   
Prachi Gupta Freshman  Student
In apsense account,you need to earn credit to publish article.
Aug 13th 2019 03:36   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
I agree with Amit’s really thorough explanation
Aug 13th 2019 04:40   
Photo Portray Magnate III   Owner
Yeah, I agree too with Amit answer.
Aug 13th 2019 09:24   
Bidyadhar Bindhani Magnate II Pro   SEO
I have already 200 downline but yet now i cant get Super Marketer Badge
Aug 13th 2019 23:49   
Olayinka Oyelami Professional   Business Consulting
Apsense badges measure your progress within the network.
2 days 17 hours ago   
Jany Punk Advanced  PHP Development Company
What type of member am I?
2 days 6 hours ago   
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