Can anybody share some instant approval bookmarking sites for submissions??

Asked by Barkha Pahuja, in Business
required bookmarking sites for submissions..


Khushi Rathor Advanced  Khushirathor
appartamenti lampedusa??
Apr 15th 2019 03:41   
Sleep Sherpa Advanced  Sleep Expert
Try diigo, 4mark(.)net and bookmark4you
Apr 15th 2019 04:37   
Piyush Goyal Junior  Blogger, pearltrees, instapaper, plurk
Apr 15th 2019 04:57   
Harney Brayden Freshman  Digital Marketing Expert
There are many social bookmarking sites available just search in google.
Apr 16th 2019 01:30   
Mary Davis Advanced  Makeup Expert
There are many bookmarking sites available on the web, but not for a long time because of some bookmarking sites convert into the business website after getting good traffic. so it is my suggestion for you only use top-level bookmarking sites like reddit, plurk, folkd,, diggo etc.
Apr 16th 2019 01:54   
Amit Kumar Professional   Digital Marketer
Visit Here - seokhazana
Apr 16th 2019 02:04   
Kanika Ahuja Advanced  Digital Marketer
There are many sites available on the internet which are providing instant social bookmarking lists which contains 100+ social bookmarking websites with high da/pa. Else you can do on diigo, tumblr, pinterest, quora, reddit, folkd, digg, google bookmarks, plurk, fark and many more which u can find on search.
Apr 16th 2019 02:53   
Angel Haley Senior   mobile massage london
many of the bookmarking sites in google for instantly approved your bookmarks. These site sites easily available on google.
Apr 16th 2019 04:07   
Sri Veera's Innovator  sri Veera's Creations
Check this
Apr 16th 2019 05:54   
Appson Rent Junior  article writing
check this
Apr 16th 2019 06:49   
Vijay kumar Freshman  Brand Promotion & Digital Marketing
There are many bookmarking sites available on the web, but my suggestion for you only use high pr bookmarking sites like reddit, plurk, folkd,, diggo etc.
Apr 16th 2019 14:21   
Fullcircleeducation Education Innovator  Content Writer
I Always Suggest for Bookmarking, Digg, Tumbler, Plurk, reddit, Scoop it and diggo
Apr 17th 2019 01:36   
Gangadhar Kulkarni Magnate I   Internet Marketing Professional
Instant Approval Social Bookmarking Submission List to Promote Your Business
Apr 17th 2019 03:23   
Ava Mcgrath Advanced  Prodigitalamit
Visit seokhazana where you will find new platforms to bookmark your site.
Apr 18th 2019 04:58   
Mary Davis Advanced  Makeup Expert
Browse the latest bookmarking, blog submission, article sharing websites from
Apr 18th 2019 08:52   
Harry Patel Advanced  Sales Manager, instapaper, plurk,
Apr 18th 2019 09:16   
Hampry Gomes Advanced  SEO
jeqq, memotoo,
Apr 18th 2019 09:21   
US Awasthi Junior  CEO & MD of IFFCO
diigo, ttlink, evernote, bagtheweb, pearltrees, plurk, podbean, slashdot, akonter, instapaper, video-bookmark, flipboard
Sep 20th 2019 04:42   
Harney Brayden Freshman  Digital Marketing Expert
diigo, reddit, ttlink, instapaper, mbacklinks, kenplanet, updatesee
Sep 24th 2019 01:55   
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