As there any such Android App?

Asked by Sunil Limaye, in Technology
There is a large untapped demand for an android app that will identify original and fake currency notes. There can be an added feature for currency note counter. Is there an existing app ? If it is not available due to non availability of necessary sensors can mobile manufacturers think of providing necessary sensors in future?


Petr Antonovskiy Senior   businessman
There are a lot of apps in internet! You should use searchers to find them..
Oct 5th 2019 04:05   
Jossy Lena Junior  Blogger
UV rays are used for detect fake or forged currency notes. In Google play store, Search for "indian fake currency detector". There are lot of apps, you should try for which one is right fro you.
RBI is best for you. Create account and register with exact details. Click a pic of fake currency note and submit to their database and later they'll reply you for better solution via Calls/Email reply.
Oct 8th 2019 02:33   
John Smith Innovator  I am Professional Article Writer, since 2012
There are many apps on the internet! You just use searchers to find them...
Oct 9th 2019 01:08   
Sunil Limaye Senior   MARKETER
Hello Jossy,

Can you provide the link to register with RBI?
Oct 9th 2019 02:06   
Roof Vents Junior  whirlybirds, whirlybird vents, whirlybird roof ven
many app please type a correct keyword for your work
Oct 10th 2019 02:34   
Will Won Innovator  Canada Web Development
Petr Antonovskiy is absolutely right,There are a lot of apps on the internet.
Go and You just use searchers to find them...
Oct 11th 2019 15:20   
Halston Hallie H. Advanced  Digital Marketing
There are many types of apps in internet you can use exact keywords to find
Oct 12th 2019 04:15   
DANASABE YAHAYA Innovator  highflychat
There are many apps in the internet
Oct 13th 2019 01:42   
Sunil Limaye Senior   MARKETER
Why no one is giving names of apps? Is it a standard practice at apsense just to answer for the sake of earning credits for answering?
Oct 13th 2019 03:33   
Tara Williams Committed   Webmaster
There are many business, those have their apps. What kind of apps do you looking for?
Oct 13th 2019 03:40   
Sunil Limaye Senior   MARKETER
app that will identify original and fake currency notes
Oct 13th 2019 03:48   
Tara Williams Committed   Webmaster
Just Google it or search in Google play store. That's simple
Oct 13th 2019 03:53   
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