Are you a fan of traffic exchanges?

Asked by Steven A. Donaldson, in Marketing
Do you use traffic exchanges regularly? If so, which is best?

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Playground Directory Junior  Owner
yes, I am and I am doing this work currently.
Sep 23rd 2020 06:14   
Alok Tiwari Freshman  Managing Director is very useful
Sep 23rd 2020 07:40   
Braylon Brown Junior  Digital Marketing Consultant
I've experienced complete junk traffic with most traffic exchangers. Yes you will get traffic but it will be junk traffic. I'll advise to steer clear of them.
Sep 23rd 2020 16:15   
SEO India Freshman  SEO INDIA
yaa it's very useful
Sep 24th 2020 03:47   
Seo Works Junior  Seo Works
Yes , it is very useful
Sep 24th 2020 04:26   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
I used to use them all the time. Especially the ones that paid :) . But finally I gave up on them because they involved way too much time for the number of actual potential customers I received. As Braylon said, 80% of the traffic is junk traffic who do not look away from their surf timer and never even see the sites they are visiting
Sep 24th 2020 05:34   
Prabhakar Kumar Junior  Blogger
No, I don't do this.
Sep 24th 2020 08:21   
Bitcoin Casino Freshman  Gamer
I've experienced complete junk traffic with most traffic exchangers
Sep 24th 2020 11:15   
Nitin Saini Professional   Professional SEO Freelancer India
No i am not fan of traffic exchange.
Sep 24th 2020 23:24   
Steve Carty Freshman  Display Packaging
In the past, I was the fan but at present, I am not
Sep 24th 2020 23:39   
James Boond Advanced  software
yes , its very impressing thing
Sep 24th 2020 23:59   
Bhavitra TechSolution Freshman  Web Design Company In Bangladsh
I don't tried it before..anyone here can suggest any way?
Sep 25th 2020 04:46   
Gabriella Kovacs Committed   Online Marketer
I am not a fan of TEs in general, but I do use some of them regularly.
Sep 25th 2020 05:36   
Lerry Dom Junior  Private counselling and therapy in London
yes, obviously! I am and I am doing this work currently.
Sep 26th 2020 00:26   
Balakrishnan David Senior   Content Marketer
I have experienced complete junk traffic with most traffic exchanges.
Sep 26th 2020 00:27   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate II Pro   Better World Partisan
Traffic Exchanges are still PROFITABLE TOOLS if(!) one knows WHICH of them to use, WHAT to Promote with them and HOW! ;-)
Ignoring them is like leaving FREE MONEY on the table. :-P
Sep 26th 2020 04:40   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Thanks Rob! Great post!
Sep 26th 2020 05:38   
Imagine Home Improvement Junior  Home Improvement
Traffic exchange brings you irrelevant traffic, which is not useful either for leads generation or for conversions. Most Digital Marketing Agencies use this trick to fool their customers.
Sep 28th 2020 00:42   
Rose Arora Freshman  Work at self-employment
Good job I like your information
Sep 28th 2020 08:58   
Phuoc & Partners Vietnam Company Law Junior  Company Law
Nice! Thanks for your information
Sep 28th 2020 20:55   
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