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Just the best. Within 4 days from joining, I had about 50 personal referrals!

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Created on Oct 29th 2010 01:31. Viewed 1,674 times.


Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
Hi. I see you wrote this article back in October.

So I'm asuming that now you must have the whole worlds population in your downline, according to the promise they make in the video, getting ten refferals to each member within the first 4 days.

And you're making thousands upon thousand of dollars from this comapny, right?

I mean, they must have given you the 10, you say 50 but let's be conservative:

After 4 days: 10
After 8 days: 100
After 12 days: 1.000
After 16 days: 10.000
After 20 days: 100.000
After 24 days: 1.000.000 (wow, a downline of a million people)
After 28 days: 10.000.000
After 32 days: 100.000.000 (half the population of USA)
After 36 days: (We are talking 90% of china here)

You wrote this articel Oct. 29th. Let's say you started in the company on the 1st of november.

According to their promise they would have built a downline of people by the 5th of december.

And at 1 cent per head it's 10.000.000$ a month, wow.

Hey, you can always prove me wrong :-)
Jan 11th 2011 11:00   
Yonatan Kra Professional   Online Marketer
You are wrong - it takes a little bit more time than that but yes - we're making a lot of money. You're welcome to join :)
In order to make an extra 5000$/month you don't need 100,000 ppl
Jan 11th 2011 22:07   
Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
Not really proving anything.

And why does it take longer that that? The promise in the video is 4 days max for the ten referrals. So tell me, how does the math look then?

If you're a legitimate business, I'm sure you would be able to answer my questions, right?

According to the video, the commission structure in the video, the program is paying 1 cent per person in your downline, so a 5000$ a month check would take 500.000 people.

Now seeing as you call yourself YourCreativeCrew here on APSense, I'm guessing you're the company itself?

If that is the case, how come the video states that "we're a group os experienced internet marketers..." but you are nowhere to be found, no names, no company name, no nothing?

And the info on your website registrtion is also cloaked.

Why is that necassary?

Why do you need to hide if the comapny and opportunity is totally legit and not a scam?
Jan 12th 2011 03:03   
Yonatan Kra Professional   Online Marketer
I've created this website as a totally free service to teach others how to market online. Other marketers joined me to give away free quality content and quality bonuses to members.
So - I cannot state all of this BUT the active members inside who contact us daily, we answer by our names.
The math is right - it is just that not EVERYONE who is recruited is active (they might ask the same questions as you do). Lucky us, there are more than 5000 ppl surfing the internet.

So, just to sum up my too long answer -
1) We are not the ones who pay the money - we just teach how to market a paying and legit opportunity (several, actually) and also teach how to market your own chosen opportunity (and even offer to do this for you if you follow several conditions).

2) The site is totally free so why not try it out?

3) We're not hiding anything from anyone - you want to join, join, you don't want to join - don't.

4) Because we are busy SUPPORTING the members, I will cease writing here.

Cheers :)
Jan 12th 2011 07:22   
Amy Wang Innovator   soho
I got 30 refferals in YCC and 12 in 20$2surf.
Feb 14th 2011 19:07   
John C. Advanced   TheMinutesGuy
YourCreativeCrew is a step by step internet marketing program for newbies. The team at YCC is legit and does everything they can to help people succeed in making money online. The only way to really know the unknown is to do it. So I suggest as Yonatan stated, join YCC and try it out. You have nothing to lose and alot to gain.

If you buy a new vacuum cleaner and it doesn't live up to what the manufacturer said it would, then you have a right to complain, right?
Test drive YCC before you give it your review.

That's just my two sense for whatever its worth.

Best Regards,

John C.
Feb 19th 2011 02:32   
Amy Wang Innovator   soho
I got 72 refferals in YCC and 24 in 20$2surf.
Feb 20th 2011 10:44   
Allan Haastrup Senior   Networker
Ok, so are you making any money from these referrals?
Feb 20th 2011 11:11   
D.E. Bryant Advanced   Affiliate Marketer
Have you done a purge on this site in the last 3 months or so, Yonatan? I could not logon.
Apr 30th 2012 11:29   
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