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Make your own website to get the dollar, so the dollar revenue 100% into your own account
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Make your own website to get the dollar, so the dollar revenue 100% into your own account. To that end, please subscribe to the website via the order area. We provide instructions for creating a website, and we are ready to help you if there is trouble. Your website is equipped with a data base manages revenue for your dollar, the database is divided into two parts, namely for admin and for members. For the admin, you can manage everything about your dollar earnings and about members who have not been active. Each member can be enabled according to the procedure that you created, and for members who are active can download a program that you sell. If you want to make your website more complete, you can create new programs. The data base can be thought of as a space was filled with cupboards and shelves for you to store archives of information and data. For that, they need to manage the resources of some cabinets and shelves as a place to store the archive. Resources which has the authority in the room and its contents management tasks, managing to do are things like: giving cover / folder on collection / bundle archive will be stored, determine the group / type of archive, giving the numbering with unique value of certain patterns in each cover / folder, then placing the files in a way / specific order in a cupboard or shelf. Even if things are not entirely done, not least of all activities related to the decision and put the files in a cabinet or rack is necessary to apply a rule / standard methods. Also on how the overall layout archives earlier, which placed / arranged in cabinets or shelves. The simplest, of course arrange / put appropriate archives before arrival (kronolo-gisnya) and without clustering. Almost never encountered, there is the file cabinet that does not have rules / ways in the preparation / placement of files in it. Even for a case or even clothes, naturally we often apply a method / specific rules in preparing / putting books / book or the clothes in a closet. Efforts preparation / this is a new placement we do if we feel, that the book or the shirt is 'quite a lot'. The data base will determine the smooth running of the organization as well as the development of an organization, therefore the placement records should be arranged in such a way to adjust the organizational structure. By utilizing the Data Base as strength and opportunities for the organization as well as the smooth development of the organization, all organizations activities can be described as a series of data bases in which the train is a locomotive of the activities of the organization, whereas the other part is that the car will not run without the The lokomitif. Therefore, in running the organization is necessary once the rules are applied. Database management is necessary to carry out the functions and duties of the organizational units, so that the information needed in the decision to support the success of the organization's goals and objectives can be found quickly and accurately, which is very important search data can be searched quickly through piles of data stored. Definition Based on the summary of some opinions, or the definition of principal, as well as the results of the authors research on Database Systems. Where Database is very useful in operations to develop and promote the organization, both in business and social fields. The authors concluded Definition Database, as follows: 1. Organization is a set of inter-related parts with each other, where each part has a functional dependence and duties of each unit as needed. Each unit interact (is related) with each other to form an integrated structure, both top down and bottom up so as to produce products according to the desired destination. 2. Computer is an electronic calculating machine that quickly receive information / data input (input information / data) Digitized, then process the information / data was according to a set of instructions stored in the computer, and produce the output of information (Output Information) of data has been processed. The command list is called a computer program and the name of the storage unit of computer memory, where the processing is being called processor. 3. Base is a place / space that is used to collect the set in which each member is interconnected with each other / related, all members of the set which is assembled in a place / space to have a functional dependence of one member of the set of principal / principal. 4. Data is a real-world representation of facts that represent an object like a human entity, items, events, etc., which are used as raw material for processing input data to produce information. Such information is necessary, in order to achieve the organization's operational objectives desired. 5. Then the Database course taught here I draw the conclusion that: Definitions Database System is the facts collected within a set, which is used as raw material for processing input data to produce output that information. Information on the results of the process, is required to run the operations of the organization to achieve the desired goal. Every fact has attributes collected in each storage area, each member of the set of attributes with each other interrelated, interacting, and having dependency-onal functions to an attribute. All attributes as a member of the set of facts that are gathered in one place, has a functional dependency on an attribute that uniquely identified as the key to making all members of the set of attributes is called Entity (can be a part of the organization, objects, people, events, etc.), entity is divided into: a. Internal entity is derived from the fact that as well as required by the units within the scope of the organization itself; b. External Entity is derived from the fact that as well as required by units outside the scope of the organization; Both of these entities forming an Information System in accordance with the activities of the organization, there are two kinds of data sets used by enterprise information systems, enterprise (form and structure) are recognized: a. Enterprise conventional with characteristic include: Enterprise Engagement is among a set of data with a very powerful program called oriented program; The data is not shareable (rigid); The linkage between the data with other data that is not clear (not as a member of the set); between data integrity is very weak; There is no guarantee of kerangkapan data and alignment of data (data inconsistency); The relationship between the data sets with a very powerful application program once. b. Enterprise approach to Data Base Management System (DBMS). Enterprise Linkages between the data set does not depend on one program (data oriented); The data is shareable (flexible); The linkage between the data with other data that have a clear connection (as a member of the set); between data integrity is very strong; kerangkapan data and alignment data can be controlled; The relationship between the data sets can be several application programs.

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