to consume the Ganoderma

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EXAMINATION When we begin to consume the Ganoderma Lucidum The Ganoderma begins to work in our body in 5 stages
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EXAMINATION When we begin to consume the Ganoderma Lucidum
The Ganoderma begins to work in our body in 5 stages

Ganoderma helps detect hidden diseases and toxins accumulated in the body.


Uric acid, excess cholesterol, the accumulation of fat and calcium, rotten tissues and other chemical elements accumulated in our body are toxins that will be eliminated from the body by means of:
Sweat, urine, defecation, furuncles, rashes, phlegm and mucus.
Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day.
Minimum 8 cups with water.


Several reactions can be observed during regulation, this is an index that the body is in the process of healing and there is no need to worry, one should continue the consumption of ganoderma, if the reaction is strong the dose decreases.


(6 TO 12 MONTHS)
Strengthens the immune system, improves physical resistance and mental tranquility, also provides resistance against diseases. provides essential elements for the recovery of functions of the body so that it will become resistant to possible diseases in the future


(1 TO 3 YEARS)
The ultimate purpose of Ganoderma consumption is for our organism to function at an optimal level and restore the desired youth (re-establish a youthful appearance, resistance and spiritual tranquility)

You can consume the Ganoderma Lucidum in its different presentations
Beverage and Personal Care Products

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What is the Ganoderma Mushroom?Gandomera coffee, a blend of roasted coffee beans and the red mushroom extract Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma has been used for centuries in China for its health benef...

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Ganozhi Toothpaste Fever control: Apply on forehead, both temples and under both armpits. - Expected results: (Mostly) fever free after about 2 hours. Diarrhea: Dilute ca. 1 ...

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The Power Of Intention

You create your future with the power of your intention. Intention is simply the conscious act of determining your future now. Health, harmony in relationships, happiness, money, creativity, and love will come to you in the future, based on your intentions now.

Intend every day and create your future life.
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Apply on forehead, both temples and under both armpits.
Jan 24th 2019 11:42   
QueenHajar Akanqi Professional   Entrepreneurship
Oops, check your link. But great information on Ganoderma. Thanks for sharing Carmen sofia Malinescu and enjoy your day networking! :)
Mar 21st 2019 12:43   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
RG and GL Capsules The Perfect Combination ... !! The RG (Reishi Gano) is a species of mushroom essence from the body of Ganoderma Lucidum, and
GL (Ganocelium) is derived from the mycelium roots, that is, from Ganoderma Lucidum. ➡ RG Contents ✔ Polysaccharides
 ✔ Organic Germanium
 ✔ Triterpenoids
 ✔ Adenosine
 ✔ Ganodérico ➡ GL Contents ✔ Polysaccharides
 ✔ Organic Germanium
 ✔ Vitamins
 ✔ Minerals
 ✔ Amino acids * RG and GL a complete range of vitamins and minerals to our body.
* It serves as a tonic for the brain, oxygen provider and provides the basis for body growth. * GL prevents the growth of abnormal cells and controls their spread. * Helps strengthen the body's immune system. * Reduces the level of sugar in the blood and relives the function of the pancreas and eliminates soluble toxins. Thus, both RG and GL should be used together to obtain a better overall result, it is always recommended that they be taken as a pair. It is 100% organic and nutritious, it has Quality Certifications such as: ISO 9001 / ISO 14001, Organic Certification as, HALAL, GMP and TGA.
Nov 3rd 2019 13:55   
Carmen sofia Malinescu Magnate I   affiliate marketing
The puzzling benefit of Coronavirus
Mar 27th 2020 16:20   
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