the Amazing widget system

by Kenneth Johnson
As an AWS member you'll also have unlimited access to our Amazing Widget Generator. This online software lets you easily create unlimited new widgets with different products, images, and text. And i
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  • Create unlimited, custom, attention grabbing promotional widgets for any niche.
  • Quickly place and spread them across the web using the instant Sharing Tool.
  • Promote the affiliate products of your choice using our flash widget technology.
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"The Traffic & Income Getting Black Box"

All hype, or true game changer? claims to offer a breakthrough new
way to generate 'semi autopilot' traffic and commissions,
with the launch of their new Software and accompanying

Further, they claim to offer a dead simple way for virtually
anybody to begin placing their oddly named 'Amazing Widgets'
in hundreds of free spots around the web, as a foolproof way
to make money on autopilot once in place.

But does (AWS) live up to these claims?

The answer will definitely surprise you, with an even
bigger 'viral shock' awaiting as we dig deeper.

Once inside the member area, you'll find that what AWS
offers - both in software and high quality training -
truly IS a refreshing change from all the rehashes and
copycat products, systems, and formulas we've been
pounded with lately...

And in fact, I'd venture to say you've never seen anything
like it. The owner claims that 'widget marketing' will
soon become a household term among Internet marketers.

And I'm on fully on board with that prediction...

Just as article marketing virtually EXPLODED in the
early 2000's, 'widget marketing' is poised to replace
the old standby 'text article' as the ultimate high tech
traffic magnet for drawing people to your online offers.

It becomes a choice between writing and submitting an
article, or, placing a widget online within seconds.

While you don't have to know what a 'widget' is in order
to succeed in a BIG way with the Amazing Widget System,
it's basically a self contained little 'program in a box'
that can be placed and shared on virtually any website,
blog or social page (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)...

There are widgets that display the local weather in real

There are widgets that enable you to play games directly
from within the widget.

There are widgets that play radio stations.

And then, there are widgets that are designed to do
nothing but make you money on autopilot once placed...

More specifically, AWS's Amazing Widgets.

To the untrained eye, Amazing Widgets look like nothing
more than an attractive display ad or banner ad.

It's what lurks beneath the surface that seemingly has
the whole web buzzing with excitement - and this was
the biggest shock of all..

An entire database powered, VIRAL rotation and tracking
system for every Amazing Widget generated...

SIDEBAR: Yes I said "every" Amazing Widget, being that
you can choose from AWS's *1 click* Standard Widget that's
instantly ready to start placing online with a built in
Share Tool...

Or, quickly generate your own *Custom* Amazing Widgets
ready to promote any of over 10,000 ClickBank products
using their slick web based software... Fill out one
quick form, and you have a new custom widget ready to
place online.

As I discovered in their video presentation and sales
material, by referring others to,
member-affiliates share equal traffic and commission
benefits produced by the Amazing Widgets THEIR referrals
create and place online!

So let's say I refer 'Joe' to AWS, and Joe starts generating
and placing Amazing Widgets online like crazy using AWS's free
Share Tool. My affiliate links literally rotate 50/50 within
Joe's widgets, meaning I stand to make half the resulting
commissions on total autopilot ('piggy back' style as they
refer to it) doing nothing more than having referred Joe

Now, I could be a total deadbeat and still make money with
this system off the work of Joe. And what does he care?
He has the same benefit from the people he refers. But
I'd be a fool to sit back and do nothing, knowing that
the more Amazing Widgets I place online, the more my
income potential shoots up.

And what's really slick is that referrals can come easily
through the Amazing Widgets I place (provided I choose to
promote itself within several of my
widgets). Or, through a special external link that AWS
provides, called the 'X-Factor' link.

Each Amazing Widget promotes TWO products, one through
a top (image) ad, and the other through a bottom (text)
ad. So its conceivable that you could promote AWS in
every single widget you place, along with another product
of your choice.

Perhaps the best aspect of all, is the fact that this
system will probably never become saturated or outdated -
the fate of most other online traffic and money making
methods (and the precise reason why so many have failed

The simple reason for this is very simple, and that's the
fact that Amazing Widgets can be placed on virtually any
of the billions of web pages, social pages and blogs online.
There is simply no limit to all the traffic hot spots that
you can place endless Amazing Widgets on.

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Too Long of an article, lost interest even if l went to click bank promo site and had to found my way out again.....Use original material forget all the copy and paste stuff.............hey l did 1000's of reviews on link referral........i just know sites....shorting make it original and you will sell it... l know the product....TRUST ME ON THIS....good luck
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T%Hank you, i will rewrite this revpage.
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