The Primus Social Hub - What is it?

by Udo Hoffmann Erudite polymath
4 income streams to make you money
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They claim to be "A refreshing new concept in social media which allows you to EARN INCOME, have fun, and do what you already do... Connect with Family, Friends, and Like-Minded Business people."

Until they actually launch we will have to wait and see what they mean by that...


This is where it all starts with a $12.95 monthly sub-based 2x20 Corporate Forced Matrix Compensation Plan.

This will follow from Primus Social and will provide excellent marketing/team builder tools which creates a very nice sales funnel for any business really. Primus Marketing is a revolutionary complete system that will catapult your business to the next level. Imagine being able to promote all your businesses from one place...

PRIMUS AUCTION : This is particularly interesting and potentially extremely lucrative. Apart from the details which will be released soon, of particular interest is that you can make 10% commissions on any bid purchase made by your referrals AND you make an amazing
50% on the Retail Price of any product won in an auction by any of your direct referrals.
Your online penny auction site will be offering gift cards, electronics, travel packages, ETC. How many of you remember how profitable Zeekler was? :)

PRIMUS MALL : Here you will be able to buy good products at much discounted prices and again you will make a commission on any product purchased by any of your referrals. Your online store will have thousands of name brand products at 30% to 40% discount from prices found on the net. You will be able to buy from your store and get paid for saving and helping others save money.

PRIMUS ADS: This is another stream of income that promises to be very exciting. More details will be released soon. Primus Ads promises to be your one destination for banner advertising, text advertising, and training. The idea is that the synergy created with the other opportunities will make your business soar.

All 4 parts are to become income sources for members:

Now of course this is all well and good and we will all learn about each of these in turn and look forward to the potential that they hold but right now most people are concerned with two things:

1) How can they make money with Primus Hub?
2) And for those who were in W4A.... How can they move their money to Primus Hub?

Lets start with #1.....

To my understanding there are two to make money right from the start of this but you need to pay attention and appreciate how to positions yourself so that money can be made.

METHOD 1.... FOUNDERS SHARES :- The administration has offered 300,000 founders shares in
this new Private Members association after which the membership will be capped to avoid share dilution. You can buy founder shares for the new company if you wish for $25 dollars each.

IF YOU WERE A W4A can use money currently available in your available
balance to buy the $1 membership and then shares with the balance or add money into your iPayout account, transfer it to the eWallet and then buy shares.

Earnings on FOUNDER shares will be passive. You buy them, and then receive a percentage of company profits monthly for the life of the program. At first, earnings will be based on 15% of the company profits. Once they finish cashing out everyone's AU's, that percentage will
jump to 25%.

NOTE: The special bonus on all founder shares has been extended. All founder shares bought right now will qualify you for a bonus of 10% extra founder shares.



Here is where you need to be smart "build your downline"! This income will come from the Primus Social stream of income which will cost $12.95 per month.

You will be placed in a forced 2x20 matrix... BUT need to understand that you will earn from this matrix both DIRECTLY AND INDIRECTLY.

Placement in this matrix is critical. The reason for this is DIRECT earnings comes from those who you refer into the program But much of your will be INDIRECT earnings where you earn from the matrix from those who ARE PLACED under you either via spillover or from secondary referrals.

Remember that in a forced matrix there are only so many positions that cab be filled on each row....2,4,8,16,32,64 etc and positioning yourself with a strong upline/builder like me will see you getting members placed under you from whom you then earn.

I look forward to working with all of you and building this into another great income opportunity.

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