by Brahim A. APSense Adviser for Social Media!
While the social networks are perfectly integrated into current consumption patterns, some companies & individuals shun and underestimate the impact of social networks on their activity especially APS
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  • APSense Business Social Network bring significant benefits for your business:
  • Social networks help visibility
  • APSense as Business Social Network develop your reputation
  • APSense as Business Social Network increase traffic on your website
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While the social networks are perfectly integrated into current consumption patterns, some companies & individuals shun and underestimate the impact of social networks on their activity especially APSENSE !
As a web social network researcher, I spend a lot of time explaining the benefits of APSense as Business Social Network rather than the other social networks on the web !

APSense Business Social Network bring significant benefits for your business:
Social networks help visibility

If you have not noticed yet, it's time to check if your Linkedin, Twitter or Facebook accounts are positioned on the search engines. Rightly,
APSense Business Social Network is one of the fundamental players for your SEO because it acts as an online directory.
APSense as Business Social Network allows a better visibility, accessibility and availability of shares its accomplished features .

APSense as Business Social Network develop your reputation

On average 1 customer holds 100 contacts on a social account, 90% of Internet users trust a friend's opinion (70% when this opinion comes from a stranger). These figures prove the importance of the social networks in your strategy (source: APSense diretory, articles & groups)
You can develop your brand image if you establish a close relationship with your social partners.
Communicate on your news, your products and your sector.
Get customer recommendations.
Provoke the exchange and boost your communication.
Adopt a more human and interactive speech.
Involve your customers.

APSense as Business Social Network increase traffic on your website
Some highly competitive market on search engines make the choice to acquire traffic on their site from a social terminal. Buyers are increasingly using social networks.
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Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
Welcome to my Social Page.

The world of affiliate marketing can be complex. What I have learned is that you really must discern which sites to associate with, who has the best reliable content, and make sure you stay away from the freebies! In order to really make it in affiliate marketing, you will have to spend $. No investment in your business yields zero results.
This page is for serious affiliate marketers. We can share tips and help each other through the maze of muck! That's what I call it. This site is for those who want to excel in affiliate marketing. I will be posting helpful tips which I have learned from experience that can help you build your business. Check with me for periodic updates
Mar 13th 2019 21:13   
Tanveer Hussain Babar Professional   Journalist , OJC , E,Marketing
Ya i Totally Agree with the Brahim A. Social Media Adviser, prof. Author , thanks for sharing ,
Mar 14th 2019 21:12   
Eva S. Advanced  tanácsadó
Nagyon szépen köszönöm a megosztást!
Mar 16th 2019 05:42   
QueenHajar Akanqi Professional Pro   Entrepreneurship
It's no doubt that APSense is one of the best social network with many tools to use and get a well run business market online. Beautifully written and have a great day networking! :)
Mar 16th 2019 12:34   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
yes! I wish that members read these blogs and share theire point of view! withiut this we cant afford a positive progress
Mar 16th 2019 12:43   
QueenHajar Akanqi Professional Pro   Entrepreneurship
Yes indeed Brahim A. I have learn some people may not engaged, but they are still reading and that's fine too. They'll write when they are ready.
Mar 16th 2019 12:48    Edited in Mar 16th 2019 13:05
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
I AM TRYING TO MAKE IT MOVING HERE! like Ibotoolbox! but people just clicking liking & looking for credits
Mar 16th 2019 12:54   
QueenHajar Akanqi Professional Pro   Entrepreneurship
Yes, I know. So the question is, how do we get people to engage?
Mar 16th 2019 13:07   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
Ten Ways to Engage People Today
Sponsor an employee goal. ...
Know family names. ...
Learn the story of someone you lead. ...
Recognize someone publicly. ...
Give constructive feedback. ...
Talk about your own mistakes. ...
Reward innovation, even when it fails. ...
Tell people why you're not taking their ideas.
Mar 16th 2019 14:10   
Brahim A. Tycoon II Premium   APSense Adviser for Social Media!
We've been discussing engagement this month and now it's take to take action. In this episode, I review 10 things you can do today to engage people with your leadership. As you are listening, be sure to commit to take at least one of these actions either today or tomorrow and then send feedback to the links below to let us know what results you've seen:

Community Feedback

1. Sponsor an employee goal.
Most all leaders know of at least one goal that each employee is working on during the year. Now, get beyond the average leader and help employees take action to achieve their goal. While they bear the primary responsibility for their professional development, it's also your responsibility to help provide resources for them to get there. This might be in the form of funding, but it could also be providing them with an introduction to someone, making space in the workday for their development, allowing them to utilize company resources for their goal, and many other possibilities.

Be creative. The best leaders don't let lack of funds stand in their way – they find a way to ensure that people get development through many opportunities.

2. Know family names.
Before you brush this one off as too personal for you, consider this: how do you respond when people in your life take the time to know the names of your family and ask about them in regular conversation? You pay attention and you appreciate it. While nobody would suggest that leaders spend all day asking about people's families, you should be paying attention to who is important in the life of the person you lead. Those people influence their decisions and values – and when you take the time to ask and to care, people notice.

3. Learn the story of someone you lead.
You probably know the stories that you have observed of the people you lead. Perhaps you even know a bit about them from other colleagues and leaders. However, do you really know what brought them to your organization and what keeps them going? Do you know their long-term career goals? Have they shared a significant turning point in their lives with you? If not, you have an opportunity to learn more about their story. When you know their story, you know them – and you create engagement.

4. Recognize someone publicly.
People are used to hearing from leaders right away when something is wrong. Things rarely get pointed out when something is right – but it's just as important that we make time for this. Finding the time to recognize people in front of others builds trusts and shows that we notice the good things as well. Plus, people are a lot more likely to accept constructive feedback later if they know the leader sees the good.

For a detailed overview of how to do this effectively and to keep it from sounding like insincere flattery, be sure to revisit the ATTRIBUTE-EXAMPLE-THANK model that I discussed in detail during episode #9.

5. Give constructive feedback.
Employees may like you better in the short term when you go easy, but the best leaders know that long-term growth makes constructive feedback a must. Ironically, employees will actually like and respect you more in the long-run if you are someone who is ready to give tough feedback and help them learn and grow. Few leaders do this well and you set yourself apart from many if you can give feedback.

Check out the EXPECTATION-EXAMPLE-EMPOWER model in episode #10 for a roadmap on how to give constructive feedback.

6. Talk about your own mistakes.
Nobody is immune from mistakes and leaders that attempt to appear perfect to the people they lead earn little respect. We are all human and we want to be lead by humans too. When you see someone you lead making a mistake you once made, share your experiences as well. It helps humanize you as a leader and also gives the employee confidence that they can overcome the obstacle.

7. Reward innovation, even when it fails.
The problem with many leaders and asking people to “think outside the box” is that they only really want thinking that leads to immediate success. True creativity is messy and brings failures along the way with the successes. If you don't acknowledge creativity even in the midst of failure, the next person in your organization will be even less likely to stick their neck out. When it comes to innovation, support people in the process of getting there, not just the result.

8. Tell people why you're not taking their ideas.
Most of us are more concerned that we are heard and respected than we are that every one of our ideas is adopted. Good leaders are always soliciting ideas and feedback from employees. Better leaders do something with the ideas they get. The best leaders also come back to those who contributed ideas and say why they didn't take some of the advice. Sure, people will be disappointed when their ideas don't make the cut, but they will know they've been heard and that their contributions to the process were respected.

9. Tap into the bigger reason for what your organization does.
If you idea of motivating people is talking about the percentage increase in yearly raises or sales numbers, you're missing the boat. Sure, we all have to hit numbers – but you are kidding yourself if you think that getting a 3.6% raise this year is going to launch your employees out of bed faster than the 2.8% raise last year.

Money is important, but so is WHY your organization does what it does. What's the bigger reason behind want gets you out of bed in the morning? One of the best examples I've seen in years is the banner that hangs over the F/A-18 fighter jet production line at Northrop Grumman. It says, “Build It Like You Will Fly It.”

10. Be honest.
You might not remember the details of what you said about an employee's next promotion six months ago, but I assure you that they do. Honesty is the best policy – and when people catch you in a lie, you lose credibility instantly. I've seen it happen so many times – most often, the leader doesn't even have a clue what happened since they don't remember changing their story.

You don't need to tell people everything – but what you do tell them needs to be the truth. Be clear about what you can't share, but make every effort to be transparent when you can be. If you are, the people you lead will go to battle for you.
Mar 16th 2019 14:12   
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