the half dozen health secrets

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+ a simple, scientifically proven easy change that you can make in two foods that you eat that will create a virtual force field in your body, naturally protecting you from bacteria, viruses and most
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  • A major weight loss product that you are probably using, will be exposed for what it truly does to your body, and how it actually causes you to gain weight
  • How making one change in the foods that you eat can provide virtual insurance against Alzeheimers Disease
  • How you can reclaim your willpower to resist addictive substances, including smoking, alcohol and sweets.
  • A way to keep skin clean and free from disease without using costly antibacterial wipes, soaps and lotions
  • A simple, easy, free choice that you can make to dramatically strengthen teeth, and a way to whiten them without expensive treatments or special products
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Feeling a little stressed... and struggling just to stay afloat? We're just a few paychecks from being out on the street, a few cholesterol points from having a massive cardiac disaster, and a candy bar away from becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic for life. How did we get here, in the wealthiest country on earth? Just a few generations ago, it seems that we ate the same food, drank the same water and lived the same lives, without the overwhelming risk of disease that we now face. How did things get so bad in such a short time?

The answer can be found in a simple statement that I didn't want to believe, but now feel is sadly true: America's bad health is highly profitable. Let me rephrase that. It is in the best interest of the health care business for us to be sick.

Understand this simple statement, and the world around us begins to look different, and gradually, things begin to make more sense. We realize that we cannot foolishly and blindly depend on anyone, especially the health care system, to keep us healthy. That sounds scary, but it really has never been true that our own health comes from others. Good health always radiates from within ourselves. Health isn't in a pill, or a treatment or an office visit; good health comes from getting out of our own way to let our bodies heal and repair. There is a wisdom that our bodies have that will, and has always, caused healing from within. There are a Half Dozen things that we are now doing wrong, that are holding us back from doing that self-healing. Together, I'll show you how to reverse these critical factors, and unleash the God-given capacity that we have, to always be well. The problem is - you'll probably never stumble on these Half Dozen things on your own. They are buried and hidden and, frankly, the health care establishment doesn't have much interest in telling you these secrets and losing you as a profitable patient.

You know that I can't stop you from stubbing your toe, skinning your knee or even taking an unfortunate fall. That's not what we're talking about here. What you will learn, though, is a means to ensure that good vibrant health is the natural, normal state of your being, not aches and pains and arthritis and diabetes and heart disease and depression.

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