TagVillage -Connect, Earn, Share.

by Daniel Chew Internet Marketer
TagVillage is a new social network that pays. Earn money just by using the site. Get your share of the wealth as advertisers target keywords and phrases you own.
Recommended Features
  • Connect with friends, relatives, and business associates on this amazing new social platform that interacts with other major social media.
  • Weekly Profit Shares that is sharing of PROFITS with our members.
  • Tag Trading -You can Buy Tags, Sell Tags and Keep the profits.
  • Referral Commissions -Tell your friends about tagvillage. When they join up, you get paid!
  • Earn 20% Tagvertising Commissions.
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Review on TagVillage -Connect, Earn, Share.

Tagvillage is actually a New Social Network That Pays and although it is still in beta stage, it has a great buzz on the net already.

Compared to other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc, Tagvillage has a lot of better features.

1. Tagvillage has a built in Search Engine where you dont have to leave the site.
2. You can separate your contacts allowing you the ability to message to a specified group of people.
3. Completely Facebook integrated where your post will be seen across all social platforms.
4. A Free Member can earn money from Social Activities. This is much the same things that you are familiar with on Facebook and includes chatting, sharing photos, commenting on posts, making wall posts, Like and thumbs up posts, etc.
A Free Member also get 10% of any money generated from his referral tag sales and tagvertising commission.
5. Earn Weekly Profit Shares that is sharing of PROFITS with our members.
6. Tagvillage donates 10% of its income to charity and great causes every week. Members have the ability to elect causes of their choice.

These are just a few of the features listed here and members are very excited at the abundance and ease of this Social wonder.

Tagvillage is FUN, members are playing The Tag Hunt Game EVERYDAY and win prizes.

Millionaires will be made in Tagvillage, read Weekend Ponderings of the CEO in News Room. The Big Picture of becoming a Tagvillage Millionaire is listed there.

Why not take a free tour and see what you are missing and why many people are signing up everyday. You will be glad you did.

Bonus: A free marketing system will be given to members who signed up from my link above.

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Deejay B. Advanced   N/a
TagVillage is pretty amazing. I invested just over 30 bucks and with all the bonuses it has increased to 105 credits now. Can't wait for them to just launch the tag trading functionalities.
Jan 7th 2011 06:32   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
Keyword Trading vs. Tag Trading
This article explains the differences between Keyword Trading vs. Tag Trading. This is ground breaking technology!

Jan 7th 2011 06:33   
Deejay B. Advanced   N/a
Links don't work Daniel. ;)
Jan 7th 2011 06:40   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
That's right lol
Jan 17th 2011 23:51   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
The tagvillage official restart / relaunch will happen sometime between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM USA Central Time on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011.
We can start tag trading at this time.

They have also extended the deadline for referrals who have not funded their accounts.

TagVillage is not just a company, it is a mission. We are going to affect positive change in the world. Millions upon millions of people will use this platform one day. Billions of dollars will pass through the system and hundreds of millions will be paid out in commissions and donations to great Causes. This is just a snowball on the tip of the iceberg.

May we all be richly blessed in all that we do! And God bless tagvillage.

Jan 17th 2011 23:51   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
My tagvillage Credits Account on 17.01.2011
Purchased Credits: 78.30
Referral Credits: 10.00
Profit Share Credits: 5.07
Bonus Credits:
Matched Credits:
Earlybird Credits:
Loyalty Credits: 18
Total Credits: 111.37

I'm looking forward to tag trading later tonight. Hope can make some $ :)
Jan 17th 2011 23:54   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
Good News. The tagvillage official restart time / re-launch is Saturday, January 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM USA Central Time. And, this time it is in writing.
Jan 19th 2011 10:20   
Anne L. Professional   Artist and Bitcoin
Great Rev Page - I love TagVillage!
DID YOU MISS THE WEBCAST YESTERDAY?Last Night's webinar, 1/19/2011 Q & A, Training before SoftLaunch on Saturday. ! Get Excited! If you have not joined yet - You are Welcome to The Tagvillage family and get Paid: Here is my earnings - and we are NOT Launched yet: Love it!

Purchased Credits: 25.00
Referral Credits: 15.00
Profit Share Credits: 13.63
Bonus Credits: 1.25
Matched Credits:
Earlybird Credits: 50.00
Loyalty Credits: 18

Total Credits: 122.88

Jan 20th 2011 19:37   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
UPDATE: Sign up NOW and get 100 tagvillage credits to play with Tag Trading at 8:00AM CST Monday, 7 Feb, 2011. (Malaysia 7 Feb 10:00PM) Dont Miss This!
Feb 6th 2011 00:23   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
Testing is live today! Thousands of members are testing out the Trading Platform now. All you have to do is login to your account and click the "Go To Test Site" button on the top right column. Have fun! If youre not a member yet, join now.
Feb 7th 2011 17:34   
Daniel Chew Advanced   Internet Marketer
10.02.2011 Tagvillage has officially launched. I earned over USD400 in tag trading in just 1 hour.

In Tagvillage Tag Trading, you don't need to have referrals in order to make money. You just buy tag words / keywords only and don't worry about sales. Tagvillage will handle the sales automatically for you and credit your account with 15% commission every time someone bought your tag word.

Feb 11th 2011 13:52   
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