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Dreaming About Success
Posted on February 3, 2012 by blog5036
I had this weird dream last night
I saw myself standing in this grass field, you know, one of those
misty fields you see on those old war movies. It was early morning
and you could see faint sunlight starting to shine through thick
fog around me.
Then I noticed I was standing in front of a white line, like one
would see painted on a football field. And as I looked up, on the
other side of the line, I saw several people sitting around a table
filled with a beautiful buffet of food.
I watched them as they
poked the buffet with silver forks and put food in their mouths.
And I realized I felt hungry. They looked happy and they looked Rich.
One women dressed in white with bright red lipstick smiled at
me, and to my surprise motioned for me to come to her. I remember
being shocked and feeling unworthy of joining them, but at the same
time, there was a strong desire inside of me to step across the line.
We looked at each other for a few seconds, then our gaze broke as
her eyes shifted to look over my shoulder. At that instant, I felt
a strange presence coming from behind me.
You know, like when your being watched?
I began to turn around and was startled at what I saw
Behind me, was a huge mass of people standing there, looking at me.
Their faces looked sad and their bodies tired..Some of them had
dirty clothes from working all day. I looked at their faces, making
eye contact with each one of them. There eyes looked jealous, and
then I began to hear voicesThousands of voices.
They said things like you cant do it its not possible you belong with us
nothing is that easy life is hard you have to work to be rich and so on
I felt a terrible feeling rising up in my body, and then their faces
began to change, like they were actually enjoying it.

keeping me from crossing the line.
I turned to look at the table again, and now everyone who was
eating was now standing around the table. They looked concerned for me.
The women in white stepped forward and reached her hand towards me
And then I woke up.
It was vivid dream, and the message was clear. We are held back
from the people around us. And its our choice to follow that
which we want.
The reality is, I wanted to be at that table. I always wanted

to be free and happy.

What would you choose?

To stay with the people who secretly want you

to fail?
>Or to step across the line into the life of your dreams?
I chose to step across the line
I made hard decisions that turned out to be the right
decisions. Its made all the difference in the world.
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