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Sorbitol as a white crystalline powder, odorless, taste slightly sweet, slightly hygroscopic. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. 5.48% aqueous solution of isotonic solution.
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  • E No:E420
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  • CAS No:50-70-4
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About Sorbitol:
Sorbitol by the French Boussingault, etc. derived from the isolated mountain strawberries, hence the name of sorbitol, 1958, Boye and other synthetic success. Loaded in the current Sorbitol, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Jie, Europe, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland Pharmacopoeia.
Sorbitol purpose and effect:
Food Industry:
Sorbitol is hygroscopic, so the food by adding sorbitol to prevent the dry food, to keep the food fresh and soft. Sorbitol used in bread, cake, obviously. Sorbitol sweeter than sucrose, and not used by some bacteria, the production of confectionery sweetness in a good raw material, Sorbitol is also an important raw material production of sugar-free candy, processed foods of various anti-dental caries. Sorbitol does not contain aldehyde, easily oxidized, and amino acids in the heating does not produce Maillard reaction. Sorbitol has some physical activity, Sorbitol and carotenoids can prevent eating fat and protein denaturation, Sorbitol in the condensed milk to add sorbitol to extend shelf life, can improve the small intestine of the color, flavor, Sorbitol significant for the stability of the fish meat and the role of long-term preservation. Sorbitol in jam preserves also have the same effect. Sorbitol metabolism is not caused by elevated blood sugar, diabetes can serve as a food sweetener and nutrients.
Japanese chemical industry:
Sorbitol as an excipient in toothpaste, moisturizers, anti-freeze, adding the amount of up to 25 to 30% can maintain lubrication paste, color, taste good; Sorbitol in cosmetics as an anti-drying agent (instead of glycerol, it is also known as "on behalf of the glycerol"), Sorbitol emulsifier can enhance the stretch and lubrication for long-term storage; sorbitan fatty acid ester ethylene oxide adduct and has the advantage of skin irritation , Sorbitol widely used in the cosmetics industry.

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