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Smokeless cigarettes, otherwise also known as E-cigarettes are the new things on the block. Although they look just the same as ordinary cigarettes, they are distinctly different from the normal cigarettes one sees every day. Made up of a plastic body consisting of a lithium battery, an atomization chamber, a cartridge & a chip controller, its not in the way these cigarettes work that stand out, but its the way they work thats nothing short of ingenious. The reason why they are called smokeless is because when they are used, they give individual an almost real-time sensation of smoking while calming the nicotine craving generally associated with an addict/ a regular smoker. Along with this it releases quick dissolving odourless vapours in the air, and hence the name Smokeless Cigarettes.

This was the inside story, but then what does it have in store for the users? Why should even these be considered as an alternative? Well, there are a whole lot of reasons for that. E cigarettes do not only have aesthetic value but can practically save millions of lives. Not to mention its economic viability. Currently, they are the best available non-medicinal options available to help smoker reduce or even better quit their tobacco habits. This is without any kind of side effects or harmful chemicals to worry about. Economically, when averaged over their life span, they are cheaper than their originals. If thats not enough to convince you, well then, they do not add to passive smoking.

In other words, shift to e cigarettes today to enjoy your daily dose of smokes, without any harmful-long term or short term- side effects. And besides, in this era of the Green Revolution, they help reduce your carbon footprint by not releasing gases & carcinogens like carbon monoxide, tar etc.

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Alice Olivia Innovator   
Relatively still prefer the authentic, or still do smoke, not cigarettes smoked sister is lonely.
Jul 4th 2011 05:09   
Daryoush Ashtari Senior   Director
real smoker prefer real cigarette.
Jul 5th 2011 01:18   
Vape Life Advanced   Marketing
Electronic cigarettes is simply an alternative to tobacco smoking and should only be used by long-term smokers. This product is not a smoking cessation device.
Oct 4th 2011 00:13   
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