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SiteTalk is much more than just a social network is a Global platform that brings together the biggest trends in Internet. Furthermore, you can build a SiteTalk Very profitable business without risk.
Recommended Features
  • Simultaneous translation into 20 languages, more languages will gradually (for example, if you have a Chinese friend
  • Pressing a small icon you can translate your comment to your own language)
  • Photo Gallery, to a total of 200 photos (organized in 12 folders), allowing subjects or promote their own businesses.
  • Store brands at competitive prices (now 4000 articles between electronics, telephony, fashion, cosmetics, health, etc.).
  • Mobile Related (you can make calls, video calls and sms, all free,
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Review on SiteTalk y Unaico

How can you make money with SiteTalk / Unaico?
SiteTalk'm liking a lot of people, since the use of this platform is free, and also Unaico business can be started on the free plan, and then when you have a sufficient network with substantial income can jump right into the business, plus you have no need to buy or sell anything. Totally revolutionary! (In the Payment Plan Unaico there are several ways to make money, here show the most simple and accessible to anyone)

What do you do? What you been doing with other platforms and social networks, and invite others to use. I am sure that is what you have been doing so far, but without any possibility of sharing in the profits.
As a user you will be rewarded for SiteTalk, receiving discounts on services and products sold in the Platform SiteTalk.
Moreover, from the moment you are user SiteTalk, when you invite people to use the platform, they are automatically placed in your downline in your virtual office Unaico. In the not too distant future, direct and indirect your guests may have been turned into thousands. Now think: What would have happened if 5 years ago Facebook'd invited only 100 people? Friends invite friends - Free! How many people would be far below yours, on your network? Probably tens of thousands who have been invited by you and your friends, more friends of your friends (the growth is exponential). "despise that you pay (even a few cents) for tens or hundreds of thousands of them (for free use of the Platform SiteTalk and points-BV-volume of services or products purchased or procured SiteTalk) ? This is the opportunity it offers SiteTalk. In addition, we are now very few Spanish-speaking users use SiteTalk. Imagine the opportunity that is before you! Do not let pass!
SiteTalk growth is exceptional, as each day passes in which many thousands of users attached to SiteTalk grows Unaico value (in about two years quoted on the Stock Exchange). Can you imagine that 5 years had invested 100 on Facebook? 'd be a millionaire now! Can you imagine that only had 0.01% share in a company like YouTube, Facebook? So now you'd be rich! As with SiteTalk & Unaico possible.

Where does all this money? You probably know that Internet businesses are billionaires. You saw that the platform is a Holding SiteTalk sold or provided many thousands of products all around the world, this volume of business will generate several million euros, plus Internet Advertising is an important source of revenue (eg the Nike brand and is allocating 70% of their budget to Internet advertising).

Unaico uses three main marketing channels, direct sales, online community and traditional marketing. Thanks to this, a guarantee of success Unaico join. Why? Because when you become a member, in addition to income from your network, you teneradclicks.
What are adclicks? Is Social Advertising. In the graph you can see that many are entered in SiteTalk through advertising to be conducted Unaico, these people in different parts of the world who have no sponsor-SiteTalk to register on their own, will be placed in the tree that have adclicks. Thus, its growth does not depend solely on your invitations!
Free to Join SiteTalk / Unaico.

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