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Health Scientific Product includes Nano Bio Energy Health Card,Anti-Radiation Mobile Chip & safe heart Gaurd,Scalar Energy Pendant as well as Diamond Pendant,Bio Magnetic Bracelet
Recommended Features
  • Radiation Safe Mobile Chip is a reliable solution and it protects the brain and ear tissues from the harmful radiation.
  • Anti Radiation- Safe Heart Guard is a non-drug solution for the treatment of hypertension and available without a prescription & without any side effects
  • Bio-Energy card is considered to be beneficial for most medical and psychological problems.
  • Scalar Energy Pendant is made from natural minerals that are fused and structurally bonded together at a molecular level.
  • Biomagnetic Bracelets which form 3,000 gauss power up to 20,000 gauss power for effective relief of pain in arms, hands and elbows
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Review on Scientific Healing Products

Single Joining Product Package contains:-
Nano Bio Energy Health Card -Rs 550/-
Anti-Radiation Mobile Chip -Rs 600/-
Anti-Radiation safe heart Gaurd -Rs 600/-
Scalar Energy Pendant-Rs 750/-

Tripad Product Package contains:-
Bio Magnetic Bracelet -Rs 2200/-
Scalar Energy Diamond Pendant-Rs 1900/-

Sevenpad Product Package contains:-
Suite Length-3 Metres,Scalar Energy Pendant,Nano Bio Energy Health Card -Rs 4500/-

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