Russian aggression

by Steven A. Donaldson Native speaking English teacher
Russia continues to interfere with other countries and it brings back a lot of historical memories of previous tyrants
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Review on Russian aggression

The European Union has imposed a new round of sanctions on Russians and Ukrainians as part of attempts to pressure Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.

Among the 13 people facing asset freezes and visa bans are President Vladimir Putin's first deputy chief of staff Vyacheslav Volodin and the commander of Russian paratroopers Vladimir Shamanov.

Two pro-Russian separatists who helped organise independence votes in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk were also on the list, as well as Crimean companies PJSC Chernomorneftegaz and Feodosia.

The sanctions, criticised by Russia, are in response to Moscow's annexation of Crimea and its support for Russian-speaking separatists in eastern Ukraine.

The EU had already imposed asset freezes and visa bans on 48 Russians and Ukrainians, and the US has introduced similar sanctions.

Meanwhile, pro-Russian insurgents in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions have declared independence following a vote on Sunday and those in Donetsk are asking to join Russia.

It comes after Russia said the outcome of the referendum should be implemented "in a civilised manner without violence".

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Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Russia, is in my opinion is playing a dangerous game...they will win this Ukraine battle but it will shift them into isolation many years in the future which will cause their relevancy to fade until the younger generation begins to takeover.

It's to bad that some people around the world wants to bring back cleansing the earth from people they deem not worthy. It's coming down to getting ready to punch all these bullies in the mouth and locking them up so that the real people can live fruitful lives all over the world.
Jun 12th 2014 08:27   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Yeah, I am not so sure that Russia will prevail though. There is a display of patriotism from the Ukrainian people that they say they have never seen before! These folks are ready for a fight and they are never going to back down. Putin will continue his stealth aggression to destroy this economy and maybe overthrow the government in a year or two. Its the calm before the storm now.
Jun 12th 2014 10:48   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Putin, has planned this over a year ago and doesn't plan on stopping there his test pilot was Syria to see if anything would be done there but he didn't plan on one thing. Ukraine is as far as he can go and like you said there isn't a fight like the one when people stop being scared and willing to fight for home and freedom. The world leaders (true ones) are beginning to back away from Putin in case things go bad. Putin does have one trick up his sleeve though he can give the Ukrainian people a false sense of hope by giving them more than they ever had before...if this works he will begin to dismantle that part of the world one by one.

...but you are the Harvard guy so you could be or know of the elite storm creators so...I watch my words carefully...
Jun 12th 2014 11:08   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
We keep agreeing on most things and i believe that you are very logical for a Human. ;---)

This report here doesn't bode well at all
Jun 12th 2014 11:25   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Hey, thanks...yeah it is sad to see what is going on but Ukraine will be in Russia's complete control by October but I have a feeling Putin hasn't read the tea leaves correctly he may come down with a severe cold sometime next year there are people in his ranks looking at his spot. Hope things get better!
Jun 12th 2014 12:09   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Yeah, i can't disagree with that because i don't believe that P will ever allow Ukraine to go to the EU or NATO. Welcome to Cold War #2! ;--)
Jun 12th 2014 22:42   
Mike G. Professional   Marketer
Panda, sad but true.
Jun 16th 2014 12:08   
ivan simeonov Tycoon I   marketer
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Jan 9th 2015 01:17   
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