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by Nnamdi A. Internet Marketer
Qondio free articles submission engine is an incredibly powerful resource for driving web traffic to your websites efficiently. Qondio is a powerful website promotion tool for webmasters and bloggers.
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  • Add unlimited websites to your account for free
  • Qondio will help you promote your websites by giving your websites more exposure.
  • Qondio will help you find original content and useful information you might be interested in. Qondio has tens of thousands of pieces of information not found elsewhere.
  • Qondio uses good content to help people find your sites; Qondio makes it easier for your sites to appear in search engine results.
  • Qondio articles are rated by fellow members
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Review on Get Exposure With Qondio

Qondio is a great place to be. I joined them a few days after it went live in January, 2008, when it was called Qassia. The focus of the site has not changed over the years. The major focus of Qondio is to give backlinks to your websites by encouraging you to write intels of any length about any topic, place or person. You can even write about bronnamdi! Reciprocal links to Qondio is not required.

You can even make money with your intels when surrounding ads in your intel is clicked by viewers. However, there is no affiliate program or credit for referring someone. There used to be but has now been stopped due to abuse.

You choose your topic, the length of your intel, and every other thing. Fellow members rate what you have written and assign points to it. After nine members have rated it, it becomes live.

You are given Qondio points for each intel written. You are also awarded points for each intel rated [between 5 - 9 points each] and one point for reading any rated intel.

You earn revenue from Qondio for your efforts while getting quality backlinks for your websites without reciprocity. Join Qondio and start talking about APSense or any other topic that catches your fancy.
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Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Get your website desired exposure at Qondio by writing intels.
Jan 11th 2011 13:26   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
That RevPage URL will be in my Links page on my blog. Awesome, Nnamdi ! :)
Jan 11th 2011 13:44   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Thanks, Philippe.
Jan 11th 2011 13:55   
William Hooper Advanced   
:D Sounds pretty good I think ill check it :D ty
Jan 11th 2011 16:13   
Dilwar Hooda Senior   Consultant
Party finance - Electoral Commission
Jan 11th 2011 19:06   
Julia Ramirez Advanced   
Happy New Year!! Great New Company With The Highest Paying Compensation Plan In The Industry!!
Earn a Residual Income While Saving Money Too!!
Jan 11th 2011 19:36   
Tam Zamila Professional   Gov staff
i am looking for this,thanks for sharing this great information
Jan 11th 2011 22:32   
jaypal yadav Freshman   we will rock network
hey great info.i am looking forward for this
Jan 12th 2011 00:02   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Qondio is free to join and your websites are promoted and linked back without the need for reciprocal links.
Jan 12th 2011 04:53   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Articles posted at Qondio could be any length; there are no restrictions on the size of your intels.
Jan 12th 2011 05:52   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Qondio will help you find original content and useful information you might be interested in. Qondio has tens of thousands of pieces of information not found elsewhere.
Jan 12th 2011 06:07   
Philippe Moisan Magnate II   Tutorial videos, sci-fi writer
Nnamdi, with the additional bits of info you give in comments here, I would write an article about Qondio if I were you, with 2 links

1- a link to RevPage heer

2- your Qondio ref link
Jan 12th 2011 06:30   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
Philippe, I may write those articles someday.
I hope you have noticed that Qondio does not compensate you in any way for referring people. They used to do so but have now stopped due to abuse by members.
Jan 12th 2011 08:06   
Roshan Prasad Advanced   Marketing Manager+Computer Administrator
I am very intrested to do data entry job home based.
Jan 12th 2011 10:21   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
@Aasshu How is this related to this post?
Jan 12th 2011 10:39   
Tayyab Abdul Rasheed Senior   Accountant,Administrator
Ginny is a real treat to work with! We belong to several of the same opportunities, and she is always quick to respond to questions! It is great to be on any team with Ginny!!! Thanks for all you do! You are a very special person!
Jan 12th 2011 11:07   
Harish M. Committed   Seo freelancer and web development
after joining u cant move anywhere ... it is keep asking for payment of $5
Jan 13th 2011 18:06   
Nnamdi A. Magnate III   Internet Marketer
@guys funny Try again. I am not sure your comment is correct.
Jan 14th 2011 05:47   
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