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Product and service provided in qnet are: 1. Energy/wellness product 2. Education service 3. Holiday service 4. Communication product 5. Jewelries and collectibles..e.t.c
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Last June when I was invited over a cup of coffee at Ostrich by a friend, I was only told that I should be prepared to take back home something much more than the coffee, that would probably change my life. With deep curiosity and sky touching hope, to break free from a few bondages of my life, that I saw my friend breaking through, I met him with a host full of positive expectations. When he began taking me into a new world where he already was a part and I saw him so confident and certain about what he was saying, like never before! At the end of it all, I recollected what my friend had said, this evening I was definitely taking back home something much more than just a cup of coffee!

After an entire day of thoughtful analysis, I would like to share with all my blog readers, what I took back home last evening A New World Of Qnet!

Talking about some facts, QNET is a subsidiary of Qi group of companies, initiated in the year 1998 that headquarters in the lovely country of Hong Kong. It is a multi-level marketing company that is constantly growing by the day. Gradually after their initiation, they established themselves as the worlds leading numismatic company. Back then, QNET offered exclusive high-value coins and medallions. Over time, they diversified into various other segments like, holiday packages, luxury watches, jewelry, telecommunication services as well as health, wellness, and household products. They ventured into every field possible to offer the very best to their customers.

What I absorbed from the evening was that, Qnet is an E-Commerce company that proposes various business plans to their members. This company is nothing like any other MLM firm that claims to multiply your investment without any efforts. The business model offered by QNET is much more practical and inspired by real life efforts. The members who become a part of this organization are expected to put in their committed efforts to promote the products offered by them, resulting in an increased sales figure. As I said, they do not promise to multiply your investment without any efforts. So, they make you work with them. More sales that you can manage will give you more profits that you reap. It is as good as being a shopkeeper who sells the products in his shop and earns a living out of it. The only difference is that you are not alone here and neither do you have to take care of a real physical shop! QNET provides you with a business centre, network support and an excellent virtual infrastructure to assist you with efficient functioning.

Now, let me convey to you the main Business Model that QNET offers. It firstly requires you to make an investment in the company by means of purchasing a product from the wide range that they offer. Once you do that, you are licensed to work with the company and begin earning your profits, obviously against your efforts into the company. Then, you are required to promote their products and contribute in increasing their sales. This will eventually result in you earning a share of profits from the sale that you make. It is like earning a commission on every sale that goes through you.

You may wonder that what has this business got for you and why would you include this as a part of your life? Well, firstly, Qnet is a multinational company having its existence in over 22 nations across the globe. Besides, it offers a model that is directly proportionate to your hard work unlike you current job. Presently, you might be working really hard, but that definitely would not reflect on your salary slip at the end of the month until you are due for an appraisal. While at QNET, the harder you work, the more profits you are entitled to.
Definitely, it now sounds appealing! If you are about to doubt the credibility of this company, allow me to reveal a few facts.

ONET has been ruling the networking industry for over 14 years now.
It is registered with the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia.
They have worked with Vatican making a Commemorative Coin for John Paul II in the year 2000.
FAO/UN appointed QNET as exclusive distributor for its gold coin program to create awareness against world hunger among the public in the year 2001.
QNET has been the title sponsor for International Badminton Federation (IBF) World Cup held at Birmingham UK in 2003 and at Madrid, Spain in 2006
QNET worked with FIFA becoming the official distributors of FIFA 2006 World Cup Coin Program and FIFA Centennial Coin Program.

This is just a glimpse of the glorious history of QNET that sounds convincing enough to me. It can do wonders to reciprocate my hard work and change the way I perceive about a job and earning money. However, for me, this looks like what Ive been looking for all his while. My friend was right, last June I took back home the key to my financial freedom! Have you found your key yet?

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