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BitBillions (GBBG) launched in late February 2013 and is using bitcoin as its primary currency.

Currently there is three types of memberships available:
Founder Members - No longer available - Founder Members originally made a donation of 1 Bitcoin before the rise and price changed to $50 worth
Co-Founder Members - 1135 - Co Founders were introduced after the Founders positions were closed off to new members.
Reserve Members - Reserve Members made a donation LESS THAN the value of 1 Bitcoin prior to the price change
Applicants - Applicants are all people who have registered but NOT made a donation.

As of 16Dec13 there are
Founder Members - 3285 **No longer available
Co-Founder Members - 1135 *Limited positions available
Reserve Members - 234
Applicants - 27358

GBBG members will be FINANCIALLY REWARDED with bitcoins. Our premium services will include advertising, payment processing and currency exchange just to name a few. Monthly revenues will be shared with GBBG members, even members who do NOT spend a dime will earn with GBBG!

50% of GBBG monthly revenue will be shared with members. There is six revenue share pools and members will be in some or all depending how early they get a membership.
You earn your share of each pool depending upon your position in the matrix (how early you join) and the number of points you earn each month.
You earn 1 point for each minute you use our FREE services each month. You DO NOT have to pay a monthly fee or buy anything! There are no dues, membership fees, monthly minimums, or purchase requirements at all.
BitBillions revenue will be generated through advertising, premium communication services, payment processing, currency exchanges, sales of books, sales of music, sales of movies, and many other income producing mediums. Members simply earn money by using the FREE technology.

Some of the FREE services will include:

Communication with anyone, anywhere in the world, including unlimited global telephone calling
Access to the largest database of music, movies, and books on earth
Global payment processing, currency exchange, and banking with NO FEES
GBBG Bitcoin Fund
In April 2013 BitBillions released the GBBG Bitcoin Fund which is a pooled collection of bitcoins contributed by all participants and deployed in mass for the goal of growth and return. The fund managers will seek opportunities through a) Arbitrage the buying and selling of bitcoins; b) BTC Capital Placements placing bitcoins into startups that are rooted in the bitcoin economy; c) Options bitcoin related option markets; e) Revenue Participation entering bitcoin revenue sharing agreements with businesses profiting through the bitcoin economy. The fund seeks to invest solely in the form of bitcoins and produce returns solely in the form of bitcoins.
Open to ALL Members (Applicant, Reserve, Founder)

They currently have several earning sources including;
* GBBG-Ware - Software development site dealing only with developing projects of minimum $5k
* My Bitcoin Rewards - Win free bitcoins
* Bitfeud - Flash sales where you can get half price bitcoin
* I Want a Car - Earn entries towards winning a free car.
With many other projects to come.

Find out more clicking the link in my signature.

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