Osteoarthritis Treatment

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Osteoarthritis also called as Wear and tear arthritis is the the most common form of progressive disorder affecting millions of people all over the world. It is generally a resultant of aging, degen
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  • A New Hope: Patients who have exhausted treatment through conventional methods get a new lease of life enabling them to lead a reasonable quality of life.
  • Simple and Natural: Adult stem cell Therapy replace damaged cells and tissue and heal the body naturally and do not require any surgical procedures.
  • Safe and risk free: Adult Stem cell therapy is derived from the patients own body (Bone marrow/Tissue, Fat).Hence the chances of rejection by ones own body is negligible as compared to organ replace
  • The Sooner the Better: It has been researched that earlier a Patient is Treated, the Better are the chances of Success. It is advisable to take treatment when the disease is in its infancy stage rathe
  • No Tumor risk: Advances in Stem cell therapy have proved its efficacy and its natural healing capabilities. There have been no proven negative side effects. At most, the small number of patients who d
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Review on Osteoarthritis Treatment

For the Osteoarthritis Treatment, we here in Advancells are isolating Autologous Bone Marrow Derived and Adipose Tissue Derived Stem cells or may be both depending upon the assessment. Our top priority is to provide very comprehensive, individualized treatment pattern which is best suited for the patients undergoing treatment.

Majority of our treated patients reported profound healing activity in case of osteoarthritis. Stem cell mixed with hyaluronan, a natural polymer, is a major building block of joint cartilage. Before the stem cells are implanted, a patient has to undergo comprehensive physical assessment. After suspecting Osteoarthritis, tests like blood test, X-Ray, MRI and Joint Fluid Analysis can assure its presence. This includes following steps:

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