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Online Business free to register and start earning up to a millions Turn a ONE-TIME 50 pesos Into P 5,592,400 in 10 weeks... "Get 4 and Be Financially FREE"
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Turn a ONE-TIME 50 pesos Into
P 5,592,400 in 10 weeks...

"Get 4 and Be Financially FREE"

It's time for a change. Time for a revolution. Time to change the way you earn online! GC50 is finally here.
Its stunningly SIMPLE, yet incredibly POWERFUL! And better yet, its amazingly AFFORDABLE!

If you have never had any success online ever before then now its YOUR TURN for a change! 4 Wide, 10 levels deep. 1,398,100 positions in all. Every single one can pay to YOU! Buy all our eBooks to download for as little as P50.00 Only. Automatically you will get one position in our program. No further out-of-pocket charges, extras or anything like that for that position.

All commissions paid instantly into your back-office account. No waiting for completed levels. And last but not the least. WE PAY WEEKLY!. We will send your earnings through Paypal, Payza, Gcash or UnionBank EON Accounts. So get started right NOW and finally achieve the potential lifestyle you really deserve. If you already have already been given enough information to make a positive decision, click the "Sign up" button above. Its FREE!

Compensation Plan

Our compensation plan is really simple, but, it is unbelievably powerful. It is based on a 4x10 Forced matrix, and works much like any other forced matrix in terms of matrix placements. In a 4x10 matrix, every position is directly connected to only one position above it, and 4 positions below it. Those 4 in turn have only 4 attachments below each of them, and again so do those below, and this continues on down for 10 levels. That gives a 4x10 matrix a total of P5,592,400 active positions below the top head position - Your position. Your matrix fills level by level from top to bottom, always working from left to right. Once one level is completed, then any further placements for that matrix will begin filling the next level down.

No. of Weeks Your Downlines Compensation Income per level
Level 1 4 P4.00 P16.00
Level 2 16 P4.00 P64.00
Level 3 64 P4.00 P256.00
Level 4 256 P4.00 P1,024.00
Level 5 1024 P4.00 P4,096.00
Level 6 4096 P4.00 P16,384.00
Level 7 16384 P4.00 P65,536.00
Level 8 65536 P4.00 P262,144.00
Level 9 262144 P4.00 P1,048,576.00
Level 10 1048576 P4.00 P4,194,304.00

Matrix of Possible Earnings in the Power of 4
Once everybody pays for 50 Pesos will be entered into the 4x10 forced matrix. One slot in the program has an earning potential of P5,592,400. The Members earn for direct/indirect referrals and spillovers. This means that you do not only earn for every person you refer, but also get paid for the referrals referred by your sponsors and then for there referrals and so on. The above table is an example which demonstrates how your earnings will accumulate to P5,592,400 of total income by just referring 4 people who can follow the system up to the 10 level. We do not limit the number of your slot desired. Everyone has the potential to earn unlimited income because there is no saturation. You can make your up lines and cross lines your down lines, and refer as many as you can and therefore earn quite a bit more. So what is there to lose? Your 50 peso can equal to P5,592,400 in our referral bonus.


Once you join, You are then required to refer 4 active people to join under you in your one week time or 7 days, for you to qualified and receive your weekly earnings. Failure to have 4 directs in 7 days will hold your commission until you have not completed your 4 directs.

Note: Your first level people may not necessary be your own referrals as your uplines will be placing their own referrals to you. You are required to find 4 direct referrals under you to refer 4 active people of their own in order for them to qualify also their weekly earnings. Every member must have atleast 4 direct refferals.

Let's take a look at it in simpler terms.
I am not going to add in the monthly residual just keep it as easy as possible.

The Power of 4

Let's say that everyone only gets 4 people their first week and duplicates...

Week 1 - Level 1
You get your 4, you earn P16.00

Week 2 - Level 2
Your 4 get their 4.
total 16, you earn P64.00

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Week 3 - Level 3
Your 16 get their 4.
total 64, you earn P256.00

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Week 4 - Level 4
Your 64 get their 4.
total 256, you earn P1,024.00

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Week 5 - Level 5
Your 256 get their 4.
total 1024, you earn P4,096.00

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week
Week 6 - Level 6
Your 1024 get their 4.
total 4096, you earn P16,384.00

*Add to that the people from the prior week rolling to this week

Let's skip to week 10...
Week 10 - Level 10
Your 262144 get their 4.
total 1048576, you earn P4,194,304

Your total Accumulated Income
P 5,592,400

Not bad for a one time entry of Php50 program. The potential income is staggering!
Obviously this is if it's a perfect world and incomes will vary with the time
and effort of every member but what if you did even 10% of that? It could change your life!
The above sample is if everyone brought in 4 people their first week and no more.
What if you sponsored more than 4 people? Many people bring in dozens, even hundreds of people.
It's the power of 100% NET that is paid member to member.


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