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by MOHAMMAD KAZI M. network marketing
Hi everyone, I would like to invite you to become OnedollarRiches Member OneDollarRichesss works with Alert Pay BUSINESS ACCOUNT only. If you have an AlertPay PERS
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Hi everyone,
I would like to invite you to become OnedollarRiches Member
OneDollarRichesss works with Alert Pay BUSINESS ACCOUNT only. If you have an AlertPay PERSONNAL ACCOUNT, log to your account and Upgrade to AlertPay PERSONAL PRO or BUSINESS ACCOUNT.
To become One DollarRiches Member view these simple steps below:

1- Click here >>>>
2- Click on JOIN NOW! and pay $1 by AlertPay
3- After the payment youll be redirected in 10 seconds to One dollarRiches Member Area where you shoud give: your Full Name, your AlertPay E-Mail, your Password and you validate these informations to become OneDollarRiches Member.
4- You can now log to your OneDollarRiches Account with your AlertPay E-Mail and your Password. In your OneDollarRiches Account, you can find your Referral Link >>>
After youre become OneDollarRriches Member youll get in your Account 2 E-BOOK BONUS namely:
1st E-BOOK BONUS: How To Make $1000 in 2 Weeks ...Guaranteed!(Price = FREE)

2nd E-BOOK BONUS: Nomadic Profits: $100 Per Day(Price=$1)

You can now start selling One DollarRiches Page + these 2 E-BOOK BONUS for $1 to anyone who would like become One DollarRiches Member with your Referral Link. To sell One DollarRiches Page to other people, you can promote your OneDollarRiche Referral Link on SOCIAL NETWORK Sites, PTC Site, TRAFFIC Sites, ADVERTISING NETWORK Sites, and more, and you can make up to $100 and more every 3 days.

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! : Before you start selling One DollarRiches Page with your Referral Link, you should add One DollarRiches Site into your AlertPay Account to your Selling Sites for validation of AlertPay as follows:
1- Log to your AlertPay Account and Click on this link >>>>
2- Click on + Add Website and aswer to these AlertPay Questions, Copy and Paste them as follows:

Questtion: URL (web address)

Questtion: This business is
Answer: Registered

Questtion: Please choose the category that best describes your business
Answer: Business expandinf Online

Question: Describe how your business works. Provide information on products/services offered or what donations requested are used for:
Would you like to make $25 to $50+ in the next few hours?
Then, You are in Luck! OneDollarRiches allows you to parlay a small investment of just one dollar into a constant stream of cash, day in and day out!
You can make 100 times your investment in just a few days by following our simple step by step instructions.
What is OneDollarRiches?
OneDollarRiches is the opportunity you've been searching for! We are looking for leads for our business opportunities and we've found a way to pay you $1 per lead.
It's extremely easy and doesn't involve selling, MLM schemes, nor anything illegal like that. Just a legitimate and powerful income-generating system.
How Does this work?
All you do is promote your very own OneDollarRiches website just like this and you'll get paid $1.00 for every person that joins the program. And you'll get paid instantly and direct from the buyer. No middle man nor waiting for commissions checks!
You'll be provided with banner ads and sample text ads you can use to promote your OneDollarRiches business. (More details once you join.)
How Easy is OneDollarRiches?
Super Easy! Anyone can join this program, and it's designed with internet beginners in mind. OneDollarRiches is also a global opportunity and uses Alertpay to process payments.
You shouldn't have any trouble making money just minutes after you join. Everyone likes to make money, especially when it's this easy and only $1 to join. It's really that simple!
What to Expect?
Once you join you'll get step by step instructions in the "members only" section. You'll get your unique OneDollarRiches promotional site (like this one) and You'll learn everything you need to know to take YOUR OneDollarRiches business to next the level. You'll also learn the best places to find leads and how to get them to visit your OneDollarRiches site.
Imagine placing just one free ad or link on the internet, Your Facebook account, Your Twitter account, or anywhere else and making $20 or more. All with only 5 minutes of work!
Plus, the sky is the limit with OneDollarRiches. You can continue to make money for as long as you like. Your one dollar investment can turn into hundreds in the following months and results are based on your efforts.
You Can't Beat This Guarantee:
Join Today for only $1. If you don't make at least $100 in 30 days, then ask for a full refund. We'll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.
That's how sure we are that you'll absolutely love OneDollarRiches!

Questtion: Do you offer an affiliate program?
Answer: Yes

Questtion: If yes, please provide details:
Answer: Affiliate Program Instructions:
First let's setup your account. You will need to check your account info and update it accordingly.
All default payments will go to Admin so be sure to set this up before promoting your links.
It is also recommended that you upgrade your AlertPay account to "Personal Pro" or "Business Account".
(Note: AlertPay charges a percentage fee on each transaction.)
Your email address in your account should be same for AlertPay. For example.

Your AlertPay:

This program is very easy. Send people to your Affiliate webpage and for every person that joins you will get $1.00. The program is only $1.00. The low entry price will enable you to get paid quickly.
To accept credit cards with your AlertPay account, just login into your AlertPay account and click on "profiles" then "website." Fill out with the information found on this page.
Below is your unique OneDollarRiches promotional website. This is the website that you will use to make all those $1 payments.

You will use Non-SPAM methods of promotion to get people from all around the world to visit your webpage.


Spamming is the absolute WORST way of marketing. Not only is it illegal in some States, it is useless. It's a waste of time and money, not to mention inmensely annoying. Ask yourself this question, "Would you like to receive 5-20 unwanted emails on Business Opportunities and Viagra?" Now, following that question, "Would you purchase any products from those people?"

The answer to both questions is: "NO!!!!!"

Do you see why spam is not as effective as other methods? What you want is target advertising. In other words, you want to filter out the people that wouldn't buy this product with the people that would buy this product.
This program is easy to sell, but you need to sell it to people searching to make money, (or Business Opportunity Seekers).
Here's what NOT TO DO to promote your Affiliate Webpage:

DO NOT SPAM OR YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED! DO NOT post this program to newsgroups (even in your signature file).
DO NOT mail to rented/bought/free email addresses.
DO NOT continually mail ANY PROGRAM to email addresses you collect from your FFA (Free-For-All Links) page. FFAs don't work. Shame on you if you use them.
DO NOT employ a junk e-mail box that you never open

Acceptable forms of promotion are:

All kinds of advertising - free and paid
Mailing to people you are already mailing to - your in house mailing list (data base)
Joining and mailing to safelists. (These might not work. Read the Secret Report)
These are some ads you can use...

Questtion: Does your website have a members area?
Answer: Yes

Questtion: If yes, please provide the necessary information to access the members' area:
Answer: E-Mail: Your AlertPay E-Mail
Password: Your OneDollarRiches Password@

Questtion: How does your website generate revenue?
Answer: Services

Questtion: How does your website generate revenue?
Answer: I earn $1 directly to my AlertPay Account on every new Member who join OneDollarRiches Program with my Referral Link.

Questtion: How is the service you sell provided to the customer?
Answer: Description of the service: ( The service is the selling of a Personnal OneDollarRiches website Page + 2 E-Marketing E-Book for $1 to every new Member )
- Every new member get the Personnal OneDollarRiches website sell Page after le payment of $1 in his Sponsor AlertPay Account
- With his OneDollarRiches website sell Page, every member will get paid $1 instantly and directy from every buyer into his AlertPay Account
After every member has joined by paying $1 into his Sponsor AlertPay Account, All he do is promote his very own OneDollarRiches website just like this and he'll get paid $1.00 for every person that joins the program. And he'll get paid $1 instantly and directy from every buyer into your AlertPay Account. No middle man nor waiting for commissions checks!
- Every member'll be provided with banner ads, sample text ads, and Ebooks he can use to promote his OneDollarRiches business.

Questtion: Who supplies your products and/or services?
Answer: Online worldwide Networkers

Questtion: How do you advertise your business?
Answer: Online

Questtion: Which measures do you use to prevent fraud?
Answer: OneDollarRiches track all IP Addresses to prevent abuse of their system, and Violators will be reported to the authorities instantly.

Questtion: What are your Terms of Service?
Answer: Terms of Usage:

Privacy Policy: We will NEVER sell, lend, nor disclose your information to third parties. This is our promise to you. Your information is safe with us.

Anti-Spam Policy: We are 100% against any type of Spam or unsolicited email marketing. If you arrived at this page via spam it was probably one of our Affiliates. Please contact us and they will be notified and immediately deleted from our system.

Earnings Disclaimer: Results will vary depending on effort and expertise. Like everything in life you will have to work for this. There are no "free meals" here. But rest assure that this is THE EASIEST way to make money from home. Remember that "Winners don't quit, Quitters never win!"

Refunds: In the rare case of Refunds... Refunds will be processed by the OneDollarRiches Affiliate you purchased from.

Other: We are not responsible for the claims and/or actions of our affiliates. Price is subject to change at any time. Price is currently $1.00 (USD) which gets you access to the OneDollarRiches Back-Office Site and to the Money-Making program plus step-by-step instructions and other bonuses. OneDollarRiches is not affiliated with AlertPay. You Agree to hold Lazy Dragon Limited, it's owners, affiliates, members, and associates harmless of any liability to you, by you or any other third party involved. Lazy Dragon Limited reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Contents of this site cannot be reproduced without the consent of Lazy Dragon Limited.

& - All Rights Reserved.

Questtion: Please provide the URL where your Terms of Service are located

Questtion: What is your Refund Policy?
Answer: Support
Due to the large amount of enquiries received, customer support will be limited and we've created an automated system.
Most (if not all) of your questions should be answered in the F.A.Q. below, on our website or in our Terms of Usage.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. My account was not created after payment or was lost to me somehow. Please help!
Click on the link below to have have your account created/fixed/restored:

Your account should be restore no less than 24 hours. Thanks for your patience!
2. I can't login into my account?
There may be many reasons for not being able to login:
1. Wrong email password combination.
2. Not the correct email.
3. Not the correct password.
4. Password has unacceptable characters.
(Note: Only use letters and numbers in your password.)
To Restore your account go to question #1 above.
3. I'm receiving a blank password when I send for a "lost password".
If you are receiving a blank password in your recovery email then you are using an email that is not in our database. Try your other email addresses to see if they work.
To Restore your account go to question #1 above.
4. AlertPay?! Why not PayPal, Liberty Reserve, etc.
At this time we use AlertPay exclusively. You'll be using AlertPay to receive money as well.
We encourage you to open a AlertPay account (free) and add funds if you are going to use our programs.
5. AlertPay only lets me pay a $2 minimum! What can I do?
We can't do anything about that. It's out of our hands. Please look at question #4.
6. AlertPay FEES!?
AlertPay charges fees on every transaction. But even with $1.00 program (plus fees) you can make a realistic $5 - $15 daily. Even at just $5 a day it comes to $130 per month for a $1 investment.
7. How do I know my ODR account is working?
About AlertPay... Your AlertPay email address should be the same one used in
your AlertPay:
your OneDollarRiches:
The best way to do check your ODR account is to click on your promotional link
(replace "xxxx" with your ID)
Then click on the "Join Now" link to verify the AlertPay payment link goes to you.
8. How Do I Update my ODR Account
You may login into your account and update you account under the "Your Account" tab on the top.
Login at
9. How Do I Get My Funds after I made sales?
You will get paid to your AlertPay account and you should add a bank account to that account so you can "withdraw" funds.
These details are explained under "instructions" tab.
10. Abuse of Registration Form, etc. - IMPORTANT!
Please note that abusing of the registration form is forbidden and can cause to delete your account without refund.
If you have been using the registration form more than once by mistake, please let us know and send us the email address(es) you've used to do this so we can correct this problem manually. Thanks.
(Note: We track ALL I.P. addresses to prevent abuse of our system! Violators will be reported to the authorities.)
11. What do "Hits" and "Sales" mean?
"Hits" mean the amount visitors to your website and "Sales" means the amount of sales.
You will get paid directly from the buyer using your promotional link: (replace xxx with your ID)

Promote your link using free methods of advertising like Facebook and "free traffic exchanges" and "free classifieds"
12. How do I get banners?
You will need to download the banner to your computer and upload to the desired website. Right click on your mouse and "Save as" to your computer.
Sample code:

a href=""
img src="" /a

(replace "xxxx" with your ID)

13. Where are my payments?
Please check your AlertPay account for the payment.
People need to join from your promotional link... (replace with your ID)

If the person decides not to purchase from your unique link and then visits another member, then the payment will go to someone else.
14. My Control Pannel is not Working correctly when I login.
Try quitting your browser. If it gets stuck it's probably a javascript problem.
Try using complaint browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. Internet Explorer is not a good browser.
15. I have a great offer for the Admin of It's the best offer in the world and you can make lots of money!!!
We are currently not accepting offers. But you can join OneDollarRiches and make money yourself.
You'll make $5-10/day with your website easily.
Join here...
16. My Sales counter is not working!
Sometimes you will get a sale on your AlertPay and your sales counter will not change. This is a small bug in the script and we are working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
17. How Can I get a Refund?
Please email your receipt of payment so we can start the refund request with your sponsor.
Receipt should include, seller name and email, date, and reference number.
Just so you know out of 9,000+ accounts we've only had 19 refunds. You can reconsider, it's only $1.
Send them to
(Note: This email is for refunds only. Other enquiries will be ignored!)
18. I'm Getting Spam from one of Your Members! Please Help!
We take spam seriously. Please send us the spam email or anything we can use to disable this members' account.
Send to with the "SPAM" in the Subject line.
Please understand we can't control the actions of our members, we can only delete them from our system.
Thanks for notifying us and for your patience.

Questtion: Please provide the URL where your Refund Policy is located

Questtion: Do you own and control the website?
Answer: Yes

Click on SEND to finish

AlertPay will validate your Personnal OneDollarRiches selling Page with your AlertPay Account within 5 Business Days and you can start to promote and sell your Page with your Referral Link.

OneDollarRiches You Too Can Turn $1 into $100 in 72 Hours!

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